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Many thanks to Mike Wokasch, who got in touch by email in 2008 with information on (and photo of) George Klein's daughter Florence.

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Possibly his daughter: labeled "Marie Klein" For photos of his mother and sisters, go to Klein page.

George's daughter, Florence Klein Krueger, her husband John, & great-grandson. Photo courtesy of Mike Wokasch.

George Klein

born 1876



 1859-Mary Klein Falkenthal

 1861-Anna Klein

 1863-Henry Klein


 1871-Christina Klein Lehman

 plus five who did not live



Catherine became


Mary Anthony Klein

a nun of the

Poor Clare Colettine


Santa Barbara Mission




Laura Brietenstein





  c.1902-Florence (Krueger)



I have no verification

that the George Klein

who married Laura

and had these

daughters is

THE George Klein.


His parents:

John H. Klein


Christina Alberg

her parents:

Ferdinand Breitenstein



His Klein grandparents:

unknown of Germany


His Alberg grandparents:

maybe Georg & Claudia Alberg

His paternal aunts & uncles are not known. If the Christiana Alberg who entered the US in 1850 on the Peter Hattrick is the same as our Christina Alberg, then George's Alberg aunts and uncles included Nicolas & wife Magdalena, another Magdalena, Heinrich/Henry, and perhaps Maria (Linwood) & Johann. Best I can tell, only Henry remained in the US


George is the informant on his brother Henry's death certificate in 1916, and gives his address as 2720 N. Halsted.

Working from that, I found a George Klein in the 1910 census living at 26-something Halsted, age 32. Allowing for variation on when the census gets taken, that's about right. Adding to the possibility that this might be Anna's brother--he lists his occupation as teamster for a news wagon (Henry was a teamster, according to his death certificate). This George Klein was out of work for three months during the year, rents rather than owns, was born in Illinois of parents born in Germany. His wife is Laura, 29, born in Illinois of a father from "Switz-Ger" and a mother from New York. They have had four kids and all four are alive (and all born in Illinois. The kids are: Loretta, 10; Marie, 9; Florence, 8; and Adele, 4. Another point in favor of this being the right George is that I have a photo labeled Marie Klein, who looks like she'd fit Marie, age 9. If this is the right George, the census for 1910 gives a bonus: in the same household is Mary Breitenstein, listed as mother-in-law, 59, widowed, born in NY, parents born in Germany, mother of four of whom 4 are living.

Based on that info, I tracked that family forward and the Breitenstein family backwards. George and Laura move to Lake View Township (at first called Park Ridge, then considered Des Plaines). George remains a teamster, then lists his occupation as laborer--odd jobs. Daughter Lauretta M. is a telephone operator in 1920, and her sisters Marie M, and Florence F do housework for private families (Adell is in school). By 1930 Loretta and Florence are out of the house, and both Marie and Adele work as telephone operators.

As to the Breitenstein family--in 1900 Mary is already a widow, living on Florence Avenue with son, Ferdinand, a bookbinder, and son-in-law George Klein (news dealer) plus Laura. Tracking further back by that lovely to look up name, Ferdinand Breitenstein, I find them in the 1880 census for Chicago. "Ferd" Breitenstein Sr., age 35, works as a cook in a brewery while his wife Mary, age 29, keeps house. Their children are Frank, 7, Ferd, 5 and twins Charles and Leonora, 3. I didn't try to look further back.

In an email, Feb. 2008, Mike Wokasch added the information that Florence Klein, daughter of George Klein (who is still not proven to be the right George Klein) married John Krueger and had two daughters.

connection: George Klein's sister was Anna Klein Wachdorf