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Henry Klein

1863 to 1916



 1859-Mary Klein Falkenthal

 1861-Anna Klein


 1871-Christina Klein Lehman

 1876-George Klein

 plus five who did not live



Catherine became


Mary Anthony Klein

a nun of the

Poor Clare Colettine


Santa Barbara Mission

spouse unknown

on his death certificate

he was listed as a

widower, so there was a wife


none known


  Other Info

Henry was listed in the 1870 census as "Samuel" for some reason. He also appears to have had a brother named Harry or Heinrich who died at 20.


Henry died of TB


His parents:

John H. Klein


Christina Alberg

Nothing is known of his wife

His Klein grandparents:

unknown of Germany


His Alberg grandparents:

maybe Georg & Claudia Alberg

His paternal aunts & uncles are not known. If the Christiana Alberg who entered the US in 1850 on the Peter Hattrick is the same as our Christina Alberg, then Henry's Alberg aunts and uncles included Nicolas & wife Magdalena, another Magdalena, Heinrich/Henry, and perhaps Maria (Linwood) & Johann. Best I can tell, only Henry remained in the US

connection: Henry Klein's sister was Anna Klein Wachdorf

PHOTOS: To see photos of his mother and two of his sisters click here: Klein

First son to survive to adulthood, between Anna and Catherine in the birth order, Henry was listed in the 1870 census as "Samuel" for some reason. He also appears to have had a brother named Harry or Heinrich who died at age 20 (details on Klein page). In the 1880 census  17-year-old Henry is living with his parents and reports his occupation as "works in saddlery." Henry's death certificate from 1916 reports him a teamster, a victim of tuberculosis (for which he was in Oak Park Hospital for 1 year, 7 months and 21 days before dying), and most interestingly, a widower. The death certificate (information provided by George Klein, presumably his brother who was also a teamster by the way) says that he was 53, but in Illinois for 51 years. For two years he was elsewhere.

Looking for information on his wife and possible children, I tried looking for Henry in the 1910 census (though 1910 might have been part of his two years elsewhere). I found one possible contender: Henry Klein, age 47, married 20 years, driver for the Salvation Army Industrial House, both parents born in Germany. Unfortunately this Henry is living in the Salvation Army Industrial House barracks with other men, no wives allowed. I haven't been able to find Henry in the 1900 census, nor have I found an obituary for his father, which might give more information.

St. Mary's Cemetery in Evergreen Park does have Henry, age 53, interred 7-24-1916 in the lot N3 block 7, section C (same as John and Christina), but no legible stone remains. Additionally St. Mary's has a Joseph and a Heinrich Klein in the same lot, block and section. Joseph may have been a son of Henry Klein or his brother George, because Joseph was interred 10-12-1891, age one quarter of a day.