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Letters mentioning Jinny (more to add): 1955 Jan 10; 1955 Jan 15; 1955 Feb 13; 1955 Apr 1 Irene, 1955 July 30, 1955 Aug 8 (about her son being hit by a car); 1955 Oct 6 Irene; 1955 Dec 14; 1956 Oct 18 Irene (also mentions sons); 1956 Oct 30 Irene (hoping for twins); 1956 Nov 9 (about the kids); 1956 Nov 13 Irene; 1957 Jan 2 (visit to CA with daughters); 1957 July 25 (visit to CA with young baby and family), 1957 Aug 28 (only mentions daughter M), 1960 Feb 13 Irene (about her young daughter), 1960 Nov 16 Irene, 1960 Nov 29 Irene, 4-11-1967 Irene; 10-25-1967 Irene; 1968 Feb 21 Char; 1969 Jan 20 Larry

Letter by her daughter at age 16: 1966 Jan 31 Bunky's


Virginia Ruth Rose Wachdorf










Frank Wachdorf

also called Bunky




Susan Jane

two sons

three other daughters




Jinny's parents:

Grover Rose


Lois B**

(maiden name omitted to protect privacy)

Bunky's parents:

Edward Wachdorf


Irene Pfleger


Her maternal grandparents:

Harvey Bartholomew & Grace


Her paternal grandparents:

William Rose and Susanah?

2nd wife Chloe

Her maternal aunts & uncles:

Frank, Ellsworth


Her paternal aunts & uncles:

1880-Daisy; 1882-Colin; 1884-Kate. Grover also had a twin who did not survive-Daniel born 1888, and a stepsister born in 1882-Letta/Letitia Winer


Her great-grandparents:


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Virginia "Jinny" Ruth Rose

July 1944 from left, Grover Rose Sr, Irene, Larry and Ed Wachdorf Sr on Bunk & Jinny's wedding day

Jinny & Bunky July 1944

couples on right side of table are Grover Rose and date, and Jinny with husband Frank (others are Frank's siblings and Dick & Millie Heagberg)

1954, Jinny's son, her mother-in-law, Jinny at Capistrano

1954 Bunk & Jinny & kids in Anaheim

Information from Jinny in March 2007: Grover Donald Rose born 12-22 or 12-23 1888 near Manitou, Missaukee County, Michigan, married 8-16-1915 to Lois B**, died 12-15-1982 in La Grange, IL. Regarding the wavering birthday, Jinny said: If we gave Dad a present on Dec. 22 he would say, "Very nice, but what are you going to do for my birthday tomorrow?" Same thing if we decided to give him something on Dec. 23, his birthday was already over. This went on for years, so I just kept both dates. He was a twin, just says, "I was the one that lived--and still am!" I don't have Daniel's dates.

1880 census, Michigan, Wexford County, Greenwood: this may not be the right William Rose, but he's the only one from Scotland.

William Rose, age 32, farmer, born in Scotland

wife Susanah Rose, age 31, born in England of parents born in Ireland (this matches the info for her children in later censuses)

son Philip S. Rose, born in Michigan, age 8.


1900 census, Michigan, Wexford County, Cedar Creek:

William Rose, born Oct. 1846 in Scotland, immigrated 1855 (ten years different than next census), naturalized, married 4 years to wife 2, occupation: farmer.

wife Chloe G or J, born July 1851 in New York of parents born in NY, mother of 2 but only 1 alive.

daughter Daisy Rose, born June 1880 in Michigan, father born Scotland, mother born England, occupation: teacher.

Son Colin Rose, born Feb. 1882, at school, MI-Scot-Eng

Daughter Kate Rose, born Oct. 1884, at school, MI-Scot-Eng

Son Grover Rose, born Dec. 1888, at school, MI-Scot-Eng

stepdaughter Letta Winer, born Aug. 1882 in Missouri of a father born in Missouri and a mother born in NY.


1910 census, Michigan, Mecosta County, Big Rapids Ward 1:

William Rose, age 63, born in Scotland of parents born in Scotland, immigrated 1865, farmer, married 14 years to wife #2.

Wife: Chloe G or J, age 58, born in NY, mother of 2 of whom 1 is alive, occupation: keeper--boarding house.

daughter Daisy Rose, 28, single, born in Michigan of a father from Scotland and a mother from England, occupation: school teacher.

stepdaughter Letitia Winer, age 27

servant Mary Rogers, 21, servant.

(Can't find son Grover in the 1910 census)


1917 draft registration: Grover Donald Rose, born 12-23-1888 in Michigan (his home town is given, something City, Michigan, I just can't read what it says). Current address: 949 Le Claire Ave. Occupation: lawyer at Bassler-Ba---Rose (second name not very legible, looks kind of like Bappust) of 39 So. LaSalle St.


1920 census, Chicago, Ward 33, Le Claire Avenue:

Grover Rose, age 31, born in Michigan, father born in Scotland, mother in Ireland (in 1930 he changes it to England), occupation: lawyer in own practice.

Wife Lois, age 32, born in Michigan of parents born in NY

son Grover Jr., two years and 10 months old.


1930 census, Cook County IL, Lyons, La Grange Village:

Grover Rose, age 42, married at 27, born  Michigan-Scotland-England, occupation: attorney in own law firm. Owns the house which he values at $18,000, and has a radio.

Wife Lois, 42, married at 27, born Mich-NY-NY.

Son Grover Jr, 13

daughter Virginia, age 8

son Phillip, age 6, all born in Illinois.

WWII enlistment records: Grover D. Rose (Jr.) born 1917 in Illinois, enlistment date: 7-24-1941. Enlistment city: Chicago. Three year enlistment, private, branch immaterial--warrant officers, component: selectees (enlisted men), source: civil life. Education: 4 years of college. Status: single. Height 63 inches, weight 117.

Social Security Death Index for Grover D. Rose Jr of La Grange born 2-20-1917, died 12-12-1994.