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From Charlotte Wachdorf to her sister-in-law, Dolores, postmarked 2-21-1968

Note that she refers to a decision to put off visit to her mother-in-law, Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, until 1969 rather than the summer of 68--but Irene dies 1-7-69.


Some names removed and replaced with relationship to Char, using italics to show where it has been done.

Others mentioned:

the "she" in Calif is Char's mother-in-law, Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

Jerry: her husband

her husband's brothers and their wives: Harry & Justy (plus the recently widowed Ed), Bunk/Frank & Jinny, Art & Irene

Les: husband of Dolores



Four page handwritten note on stationary saying, "I'm writing because" followed by boxes to check including the following choices:

Petyon Place isn't on tonight

My psychiatrist says I need all the friends I can get (checked on page 2)

I have no protest rally for today

I didn't have anyone to play with (checked on page 4)

I wanted you to know that I broke the laxative habit

I may be in jail by tomorrow

A tall, sexy stranger may take me away (checked on page 3)

I like you (checked on page 1)


Dear Dolores


    Ah ha, I fooled you. I didn't even wait a year to answer your letter. I am very much ashamed of myself. I have a lot of good excuses but you probably won't believe them anyhow. I really + truly do not know where my time goes. It seems like since my middle daughter is gone I have so much more work to do. My youngest son + my youngest daughter are not much help.

    I redecorated upstairs + the living room. We got new carpeting + all new furniture in there. I still have to paint + varnish my bedroom + do the kitchen + reck room this spring. I want to be all the way through before I have to do the outside walk [might have misread that word]. I antiqued my piano in gold along the railing and it looks beautiful. Needless to say it was quite a job. I guess you would call it bragging but I think my living + dining room look beautiful. Of course I don't allow anyone to go in there. They must stand on the tile and look. Jerry said that the way I am I might even put up a glass partition and can look through the glass. I'm really not that bad, just ask my kids.

    Everyone here seems to be O.K. Jerry hasn't been himself since the accident last Aug. I want him to go to a specialist, but so far no success. His back is bad. And I know (even though he won't say) that he is in pain most of the time. But he is a Wachdorf. He won't admit that it hurts him.

    The kids are fine + doing well in school. My middle daughter is doing real well in college. She made the dean's list last quarter. What she will do this quarter we will know next week. I guess she is going to transfer over to Northern next year. We will be able to see more of her because she will only be an hour away from home.

    My youngest son wants to come and stay with you for a while this summer. We told him we will have to find out when you are going to Calif. But I hope to see you before that. Jerry is planning on going to New York on business some time in March or April. He said he would take me with and I could visit with you + Jinny while he does his business. I really am looking forward to it. If it don't pan out, then I want to come up this summer.

    We are not going out to Calif this year because from what I hear, you + the family are going, also Harry + Justy + Ed and Art + Irene. So since she will have all that company we will wait + go the year after. After all, I was there three times last year and I think that was more than Bunk + Jinny. Well, we have time to hash all this out later.

    How is everybody by you? We haven't heard from Les in a long time. Doesn't he come this way anymore? I bet the kids are big now. It's over a year since we have been together.

    If you were still living up at Chippewa my oldest son was thinking of taking  permanent position up there. It's still open to him + he still might take it. He works for AT&T and is still on the road. Next week he goes up to Appleton Wis so he's moving on up that way.

    Will I guess I had better sign off + get going on the supper. Tonight is bowling night. I also want to get my dress cut out before supper. I don't need it for anything special until I come to New York. I have the material, I might as well get at it and if I need it, it will be done.

    Let us hear from you + pray that we can come in March or April. Let me know when you plan to go to Calif.


God bless all of you + our love to all,

Char + Jerry


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