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1968 letters

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1968 Feb 21 Char From Charlotte Wachdorf to her sister-in-law

Updates on her children's activities, on interior designing her house, mentions husband Jerry's accident last August ("he is in pain most of the time. But he is a Wachdorf. He won't admit that it hurts him"). Planning how to get together, and discusses who all will be going to California come summer.


1968 Feb 23 Harry From Harry Wachdorf to his sister

On very large sheet of paper, talks amusingly and in detail about his "dance jobs" as a musician, playing with band "Hoban's Heroes" under alias "Henry Francis," lost his voice, mentions wife's fall at Christmas and her busy schedule, son's school and charitable acts and growth spurt, daughter in play with speaking, singing, dancing part, and a candy striper and no slacker.


1968 March 3 Irene Brief note from Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter apologizing for lateness in sending out birthday cards to grandchildren.


1968 Apr 6 Hilda brief note from Hilda Grimm Diver Forney to her "niece" Dolores (d/o Hilda's cousin Irene). "Bad luck has followed me to Florida. Guy [Guy Forney, her husband] has recovered from his operation but on March 30th had a heart attack..." On visit by sisters-in-law. 


1968 Apr 10 Irene brief note from Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter apologizing for not writing more but "not feeling too good," on children of friends of neighbors ages two and five and their hi-jinks.


1968 July 25 Harry Harry Wachdorf to his sister on finding out she's pregnant ("I really oughtn't to write to you cause you're a fink but I'm chicken") discusses his son's tuition spike, remarriage of their brother Ed's daughter, trip to Canada by brother Art & wife "Renk" (Irene) & jokes that Art & Irene's new grandchild is getting chubby, as is the child's father. Mentions upcoming trip to California where he expects to see his sister & catch up on things.


1968 Xmas card Larry Larry Wachdorf to his sister calling her a fink for failing to name her latest child Melchisidik