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1969 letters

1-7-69 death of Irene Pfleger Wachdorf


1969 condolence letters by neighbors and friends of Irene Pfleger Wachdorf after her death 1-7-1969


1969 Jan 20 Larry: from Larry Wachdorf to his sister on going through their mother's photos with Jinny (Bunk's wife) and sending out things earmarked for her ("she hoped you would have Sis' watch but the rest you can deepsix"), on her large but unlabeled collection of photos, on sending out thank you cards to condolence wishers, urging her to stay in touch "I worry about you skinny ones"


1969 Feb 5 Harry from Harry Wachdorf carbon copied to all his siblings: Urging all siblings to stay in touch. On dismal weather since their mother died; nice comments people made at funeral, mentions Virgil Poole. Health sum up: brother Art cyst on back, Aunt Mae Wachdorf heart trouble, Aunt Midge Wachdorf breast cancer/mastectomy. On his daughter going to her first dance; his band playing at dance; on son learning to play the ukelele ("some tunes he sings I almost fall on my face waiting for him to find the chords for he has suddenly suspended the song in mid air while he searches with his mind and his fingers for the missing chord"), on the Pilgrim Virgin coming to their house. His wife's Aunt Mary died in Calif weather so bad couldn't fly there. First mention in a letter of Ed Wachdorf Jr paired w 2nd wife Chris Wagner.

1969 March 26 Larry from Larry Wachdorf copied to all his siblings: primarily on the settlement of their mother's estate, and still trying to get division of their father's Sinclair/Atlantic-Richfield stock through probate court. Then talks of his golf game, taking up jogging, and having his car stereo stolen again.

1969 April 15 Art Art Wachdorf to his sister : On Easter with his grandkids, "We had a ball. Hid eggs all over the house like mother and dad did for us, and made them hunt till they found them...and I'm a mean, dirty egg hider." Expects her to come visit over summer, because after that likely to be transferred by Rheem to Fort Smith, Arkansas.


1969 Sept 22 Larry From Larry Wachdorf to his sister: Busy at work. On trip to Tahoe with Jerry & Char ("Jerry...thought Tahoe was prettier than Wisconsin even. Yick!") Just back from San Diego golf tournament. Bowling league scores. Hitting beaches to sun bathe "as the girls' suits get scantier." No need for birthday gifts as he buys what he wants. Says he's 29 as long as he thinks he's 29 and if she says otherwise "like Dorian Gray's picture, I may age before your eyes..." Comments on her husband's trip to FL where he must have tried scuba diving. On how quiet it must be when all the kids go off to school.


1969 Dec 27 from one of Dolores' children to her Uncle Harry & Aunt Justina Wachdorf: thanking them for the bride doll they sent ("I loved it more than I ever liked anything") and cataloging the other gifts received, probably fairly typical for a young girl in the late 60s.