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From Dolores' daughter to her Uncle Harry and Aunt Justina Wachdorf

(probably a rough draft of the letter that was eventually mailed)

(in pencil on notebook paper, with very careful but crappy cursive handwriting, spelling errors left in place)


Dear Uncle Harry and Aunt Justina,

    Thank you very very much for the doll. It was beautifull. I loved it more than I ever liked anything. Sorry I'm so late but Merry Christmas (and a happy new year). Sorry but all I have is a piece of candy, a toy and ring [something erased, then two lines blank, then it commences again] Oh by the way, I got some Skipper clothes (I got Skipper for my birthday). She got PJ's with slippers and a skirt and I got a robe, spirograhf refills, Julia colorforms, Susy Homemaker ice cream maker, pop up riddles, Susy Homemaker taffy puller, posters, crayons, colering book, a book called were the wild things are, a gumball bank, Mr Potato head, 15 dollers and of course a stocking of candy.



I got a bride doll....from you