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From Larry Wachdorf to his sister (unfortunately handwritten, on two sheets of lined paper back & front)

As in Harry's letters, ... is part of his style, and does not indicate something omitted.

Some names removed and replaced with relationship, put in italics to show where it's been done

Jer & Char = his brother and sister-in-law

Les = Dolores' husband


Sept 22, 1969



    Just got your letter of the 13th (postmarked the 20th). Made me ashamed of my own laxity in writing, so I hope I'm back on the track again. I'll get up 1/2 hour early every day and do my corresponding then.

    Had a wonderful vacation with Jer & Char. We went to Tahoe, which is my idea of paradise. It's high (6500 feet), sunny and cool, with all the outdoor sports (swimming, skiing, horse-riding, hiking, fishing--Jerry was shut out again--etc etc etc). In addition it also has the gambling casinos with the Vegas shows. It makes for vacation variety and pleasure. Even Jerry was impressed. Thought Tahoe was prettier than Wisconsin even. Yick!

    Since then, I've been very busy at work. August and September are my budget times, and I make up for loafing much of the rest of the time by working nights those months. All that is over now tho. My routine now is bowling 2 nights, golfing 2 nights, and golfing Saturday and sometimes Sunday. In between I squeeze in all the goodies--sailing occasionally, jogging, housework (a minimum), poker, etc. Keeps me from getting too fat.

    Just came back from a San Diego golf weekend. We had a 2-day tournament at Singing Hills. I did fair--missed the prize distributions by 1 lousy stroke, but had a marvelous time. Saturday night we took in a hypnotist at a nightclub, and he had everyone in stitches for 2 1/2 hours. People are the funniest subjects!

    My golf game is back in shape (I'm in the high 70's and low 80's consistently) and my bowling (2 weeks only) is unbelievable...I have a 190 average in one league (scratch) and a 205 in the other (handicap). Naturally your stupid brother has to have the higher average in the handicap league where I'll hurt the team when it starts gowing down to my normal 180.

    Where did Les go in Florida? East coast or West coast? I hope he had a successful (business) and relaxing time. Your oldest son will have to be the driver in the family then. Tell Les he's too buoyant, like me, but I still float with my face 2 inches below the surface. Heavy bones, I guess. I've been swimming (sun bathing, really) a lot more this summer. As the girls' suits get scantier, the beaches get more crowded. Can't figure out why. Maybe there's some corollary.

    Knock off this birthday business. There's not a thing I need or want and don't have. If I develop a new want, I appease it immediately or sooner. And I gave up birthdays a long time ago. As long as I stay 29, I feel 29. Don't go disillusioning me by bringing to my consciousness the fact that I may be older. Like Dorian Gray's picture, I may age before your eyes if you do.

    I hope the kids are reconciled to school by now. Their mother probably starts them on their way, breathes a sigh of relief, pacifies the baby, and goes back to sleep for 3 more hours every morning. Doesn't that sound like a sweet dream of paradise to you? The deafening stillness after your brood departs probably gets...and keeps...you edgy until they all return. Mothers are very irrational.

    Whoops, I'm almost late, so I'll have to close and hurry.


Love to all,



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