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From Art Wachdorf to his sister

Some names removed and replaced with relationship to Art. Used italics to show where it's been done.

Mentions his wife Irene, his daughter and grandchildren, his mother-in-law Lottie Safranski

mother and dad = Irene Pfleger Wachdorf and Edward John Wachdorf


(Strange stationary has cartoon sickly person, and says, "I thought of you the other day, and suddenly I got this blinding headache, and my eyes got all watery and red, and within three seconds every muscle in my body began to twitch painfully...and I guess you know what that means!! I love you so much it hurts me!"  Second page equally surreal, covered in floating puckered lips and printed, "They're yours just for the asking!!")


Hello dere:


Thanks for the sweet birthday message and we are returning the thought. Hope you have as nice a birthday as I did. Even nicer. We had our daughter, her husband, Irene's mother and those three little mischiefs here for Easter weekend. We had a ball. Hid eggs all over the house like mother and dad did for us, and made them hunt till they found them. Some of the eggs had money hidden in them so they didn't quit looking until they found all of them, and I'm a mean, dirty egg hider. No place was out of bounds.

    By the way, did I ever tell you about my grandchildren? No? Well! ! ! ! Sorry I haven't got about three days to finish this letter or I'd do so now. The enclosed picture will have to suffice [no longer with letter]. Aren't you lucky?

    By the way, we never got the canceled check back from your middle daughter's Christmas present. Maybe she never received it? If not, please let us know right away, quick. Or sooner and we'll dispatch another one, like right away.

    Also you better plan on visiting this summer. A week, or at least a weekend. Preferably a week. We will probably not be here after this summer. Rheem is building a new heating and air conditioning plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I expect to be transferred there near the end of this year. Our house here is air conditioned, so don't worry about the heat if you come during summer. But why wait that long? We have plenty of room. Three bedrooms and two full size sofa beds, plus cots and plenty of room on the floor too, if need be. I'll even be the one to sleep on the floor.

    Write soon, and I'll enclose a detailed map in my next letter.


Love and smooches

Irene & Art


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