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From Larry Wachdorf to his sister, first page on fluorescent orange paper imprinted, "Lowdown from Larry," second page with cartoon man with pockets turned inside out imprinted, "There's too much month left over at the end of the money."

People mentioned:

Mom = Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, who died 1-7-1969

Sis = Irene Wachdorf Heagberg, their sister who died in 1939

Ginny = sister-in-law Jinny Rose Wachdorf (Bunk's wife)

Harry = brother Harry Wachdorf






By this time you should have the personal effects Mom earmarked for you. Don't be too sentimental--she hoped you would have Sis' watch but the rest you can deepsix. Mom had the most complete and most delightful collections of family photographs you have ever heard of--she saved everything, you know, and she had photos that must go back to Lincoln. I can't identify the principles, but maybe Harry can some day. She has every picture of the family that was ever sent to her, but she didn't mark them and people, occasions and locales are difficult to identify. They're fun tho. She also had a collection of cards and odd stationary (like this pad) to delight people with. She was really special.

    I've just finished sending out the last of the thank you cards and I guess I got in the writing mood, hence this scribble. Everything is fine here. Ginny was out until today, but brought your lousy eastern weather along. It rained her whole stay...7 inches worth. That wraps it up for the year, just about, wet-wise.

    Write occasionally, and stay healthy. I worry about you skinny ones.





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