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Excerpts from condolence letters written after the death 1-7-69 of Irene Pfleger Wachdorf


"I'm sure you will be surprised to hear from me I'm no good in letter writing but I do want you to know how I feel about your Mom she was the sweetest person I ever had for a friend I just loved her. I hope you will accept this as I do sending it to you. I just can't find the right words but one thing God ans. her prayers she has been asking Jesus to take her to her heavenly reward since she isn't able to take care of things and the way our dear Lord ans. is just something I can't forget. Every day she and I called each other we had our nice chat and laughs then we could go back to what ever we were doing and both of us would feel better. I had a nice talk to her Monday the 6th of Jan. Right now I can't say any more only to tell you that Jesus loved her more than we did and he rewarded her and took her to our real home. I hope and pray God can see a death like hers for me it was wonderful for her. God Bless and keep her in his care like he always has. I hope and pray all of us can see how much Jesus, Mary + St. Joseph loved her.

As always your Friend, Barbara Schmidt."


"May we extend our deepest sympathy...your dear mother, and our dear Friend is gone, and we weep--not for her because she is in Heaven where she wanted to be, but for ourselves and the emptiness and loneliness we feel.

    How poor we would have been if we had never known your mother. Tiny in size, but mammoth in heart. Her heart was big enough to enfold the entire world with love. We Kellys are so grateful we had the chance to be included in her life for a few short years.

    Our dear one had days of great pain which she bore quietly and with great dignity--and when God called her, she was ready, and went to Him the same way, quietly and with great dignity. Yes, we weep for she is gone, but dead? Never--for as long as her memory and our love for her lives in our hearts, she will live.

May God Bless you and yours,

Fondly Ruth [Kelly]"


"...When Kay said you had remarked that your mother would have liked to have made an exit while still on her feet, I applauded your courage silently. How devastating it could have been for her as well as everyone else who loved her for her to have suffered and lingered..." (from Dorothy Ikeda, friend of Dolores)


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