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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

People mentioned:

sons Larry and Francis/Frank/Bunky

daughter-in-law Jinny (Frank's wife)

son-in-law Les

children of Dolores, names removed, italics to show where it's been done

Granddaughter's name removed (Frank/Bunky's 3rd daughter)

Sharon across the street: unknown


Lawndale Feb 13  --60


Dear Ones:

    Was so happy to hear you are all well and that you have such a good baby. It could hardly be otherwise with such good parents. I can hardly wait to see her. From the little picture you sent out, I thought she looked like your oldest daughter, but as you and everyone else says she looks like your oldest son--but no matter who she looks like she couldn't help but be a good looking baby. Dolores a few wks ago I sent a little doll and 2 Lassie wallets to you for the kiddies did you get them. You didn't mention anything about having received them + I wonder whether they ever got there or not.

    I suppose you know Francis' daughter has been with us since Jan 23rd and Francis isn't going to come and get her until Feb 21st and we have enjoyed having her here so much. If I say anything to her that she doesn't like I'm either a baby or a pain in the neck. She and Sharon across the street play together every day. Sharon left Francis' daughter play with one of her dolls and her Teddy bear but whenever she gets mad at Francis' daughter she takes them home--so the other day we went to the Blue + Gold stamp redemption store and got her a real nice doll for herself so Sharon keeps on saying next Xmas Santa is going to bring her one like it only bigger and one that can drink a bottle and wet her pants.

    There is never a dull moment with her around because every time she goes by Grandpa she has to give him a slap just to hear him holler ouch. She is really a little darling and I could just eat her up. She says she is my little wooden shoe and I'm her big wooden shoe. The other day Jinny sent her a letter and she hasn't let it out of her sight since it goes from the pocket of her old pants into the pocket of the new clean ones--she is that proud of it. Doesn't seem to be a bit homesick although she talks about everyone at home and every now + then she has to go home to eat dinner.

    Well dearies this is Sat and I really have to get busy and have all my work done before Larry gets home from golfing because all he does after he gets home is look at T.V. a golf tournament or some other tournament of some sport or other so hoping you all keep well and Les has a real happy birthday + to hear from you soon I am as ever

your ever loving + devoted


May God Bless you all

Larry loved the records even plays them while studying


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