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Letter from Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter Dolores Wachdorf

Some names intentionally omitted and substituted with relationship (in italics to show where it's done). Others mentioned include:

-her grandchildren (in order mentioned): Paul, Jean, Sandy, Denny, Michael

-her sons Larry & Francis/Bunk plus Bunk's wife Jinny

-Eva is the mother-in-law of her son Jerry.

-Also mentioned: Eva's husband Art Plaehn, and his unnamed sister residing in Escaridido (?) on an avocado and chicken ranch

-Also mentioned: unnamed fried of Eva Plaehn's living in a nursing home in Arcadia CA.



Apr 11 -67


Dear Ones:


    At last I'm sitting down to drop you a few lines to wish you a very happy birthday. I suppose you know Eva has been here since about Feb. 18th or 19th and is going to stay until I go to Chgo for Paul's graduation from the Seminary to Niles, also for Jean's and Sandy's too. I'm feeling pretty good and hope I will be able to stay that way so I can make the trip to Chgo.

    Ever since Eva has been here, Larry has taken us out every Sunday, first of all to Disneyland where he & Charlotte pushed Eva & I around in a wheel chair. Since then Charlotte has been gone but Larry still takes us every Sunday some place worth seeing and then to a swanky place to eat. It hasn't been too good for me because Larry gets mad when I want hamburgers but when I take steak or something else like that I swallow it whole and upsets my stomach and me too.

    Last Sunday we went to San Pedro to Ports a Call or something like that where we ate looking out on the Channel that leads into the Ocean and we saw all the boats coming through the channel leading out to the ocean and all kinds of other boats--like lots of sailboats, fishing boars etc. We even took a boat ride out on the ocean ourselves and we really enjoyed it.

    This coming Sunday Larry is going to take us to Arcadia. That's where the Santa Anita race track is. She knows a woman that used to live in Chgo. She is now in a rest home but Eva is going to visit her there and her daughter is going to pick us up there.

    Then about the last Sunday in April Larry is going to take us to San Diego where we are going to go through the Zoo there and see the wonders of the Bay, the moving sidewalk and also the children's zoo and on our way home we are going to drop Eva off at Art's sisters house in Escaridido where they have a big Avocado ranch and a big chicken farm. She is going to stay there while I don't know how long but when she is ready to come home Larry will pick her up.

    Honey, I sure hope you can come out here soon as Disneyland has so many new shows etc that I think you and your husband would enjoy as much as the children would. Francis was here last week he came on Thursday night about 10 o'clock and we took him to the airport to leave for Baltimore on Sat. night about 10 because he had to attend a special meeting in Baltimore on Sunday morning about 11 o'clock.

    I sure hope you are all feeling fine after going through your sever winter--Jinnie told me you all had dinner together on Easter Sunday and all enjoyed it immensely. Bunk kept telling us about your son who wanted a sip occasionally and said he would throw up later. I can hardly wait to see all the kiddies back home--some I haven't even seen, like Denny's wife and daughter and also Michael's wife and family too. Pray that I will stay well and will be able to make the trip--


Love and God Bless you,

your ever loving Mom



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