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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

People mentioned besides husband Edward and son Larry:

daughter Dolores, her husband Les, their daughter P**

son Francis/Bunky, his wife Jinnie & their daughters Susie & J**

son Jerry, his wife Char & their oldest daughter

son Ed, his wife Marge, and their oldest daughter

son Art, his wife Irene

son Harry, his wife Justy

Dick + Millie Heagberg = her late daughter's widower and his 2nd wife

John Folz, Jean Casello Folz & her mother: former neighbors

Aunt Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, widow of her brother Henry

Carrie Baldwin = old friend and mother of daughter's friend

Eva = Eva Plaehn, mother of her son Jerry's wife

Geralda Gotsch = childhood friend

my chauffeur = Mary Armstrong, I think

Janet King = neighbor


Lawndale Jan 2 ---57


Dear Dolores, Les + family:

    What two wonderful surprises we have had in the last few das--the first one last Friday night about 9:30 when I answered the phone and heard J** say--hello Grandma come and pick us up at the airport and oh yes just as we were ready to leave the phone rang again and it was Susie saying J** hung up before she had a chance to say hello too--so Francis had to call back and let Susie say hello and that we should pick her up too and then last night when I answered the phone to hear my own darling daughter say hello Mom and what a thrill that was.

    Of course in the past week every time the phone rang everybody including Larry made a wild dash to get to the phone first because we were sure it would be you, especially when the operator said Sunday night--Chgo calling. I just couldn't understand who it was when I discovered it wasn't you--when Johnnie said have you forgotten Jean + Johnnie Foltz already? Well it was lovely hearing from them too as they were so nice to us all when they were out here and of course I miss them very much as I could always go there and have a cup of coffee with Jean's mother whenever I felt depressed because she often felt that way too as she has about 8 or 9 sisters + brothers in Chgo that she missed very much too.

    I sure wish I could have been at your house when the kiddies woke up and first saw their toys and things and the tree too. It certainly brings back wonderful memories of when our brood was small and how we enjoyed Xmas morning when we saw the looks on their faces when they first saw the tree and their toys-- it certainly repaid us for all the planning and work we did to make it a perfect Xmas for them and God Bless them and you + Les always.

    Was Santa real good to you and Les too--write and tell about your gifts and Les's too and what the kiddies got.

    Dad and I got the picture of Christ's head with a fluorescent light on the top + bottom and a scarf for dad + 2 pr of hose for me from Char + Jerry + a box of golf balls made out of soap from their eldest daughter and oh yes she sent Dad + I a Madonna of the Highways to put in the front of the car too. We each dad + I got $25 from Ed, Marge + Larry got a shirt + a flannel bathrobe (from Art + Irene we got $5.00 each too and Bunky brought out a great big box of cookies from Art + Irene too. From Harry + Justy we got $5.00 each too and from Bunk + Jinnie I got a beautiful rhinestone cross on a chain and a pair of earrings to match and Dad got a pr of pajamas and from Dick + Millie we each got $5.00 too and from Larry we got a very pretty floor lamp with a bullet shaped light just below the big light on top to use for reading and a pretty clock that chimes the hour and the half hour plus a bottle of Kimmel for me + a bottle of Canadian Club whiskey and a bottle of Vodka and a half gal of Muscatel wine, a fifth of Gray Riesling sour wine and a quart of Maneschevitz wine oh yes and a pair of lambs wool lined house slippers for dad + I almost forgot a Dormeyer mixer for me and from Aunt Louise I got seven aprons real pretty ones + Dad got a real loud pr of pajamas that he likes + Larry got 2 loud pr of Argyle sox that he likes--and from Carrie Baldwin I got 2 beautiful pr of hose and real silk scarf and she sent a big bag of hard candy real good candy for Dad + Larry and I don't know why she still sends us gifts as I feel real  obligated to her and to Eva too as she sent me a very pretty street dress that just fits perfectly and even Geralda sent us a salad set of wood two spoons and fork and a holder that you can put on the wall and from my chauffeur we got a great big bouquet of Pointsettias 12 huge flowers with Xmas tree branches and a few pyrocantheus berries + leaves in it too for effect it was gorgeous and she sent Dad a small fruit cake that she baked herself and some home made choc + Divinity fudge for me + a box of Spanish peanuts for Larry, so you see we got entirely too much for such old fogies as we are and of course thanks a million for your gifts. I'm really going to let dad wear the shirt next Sunday or he'll probably take it away from me anyway and I'm stepping out that slippers right now--I'm sure they are going to stretch enough (they don't need much) so I can wear them with comfort.

    Did you get the training drinking cup I sent to P**--Janet King our neighbor gave it to me because I thought it was great and wanted to send for one for you + she has several that she keeps on hand to give to people that have babies and I'm going to try + get one for Ed's eldest daughter too.

    Well darling haven't any more room so thanks a million for calling

Love + kisses from all



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