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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter

People mentioned besides husband Ed Wachdorf and son Larry:

grandson whose name has been removed and replaced with J**

Jinny = daughter-in-law, wife of son Frank


Lawndale Nov 13 ---56


Dear family:

    Now that wash day is over I can again sit down after breakfast and write a letter or two. Just got finishing reading over a few of your last letters and how much I enjoy them and the first thing Larry says when he sees a letter form is what did J** do now--I think the more mischief J** gets into the better Larry likes it.

    I don't know whether he is out window shopping or looking at all the new cars that are coming out, but he doesn't come home from work until the last minute and then he has to rush like mad to eat, shower (I don't know why he has to take another shower, he takes one every morning, but he does) and get to school by six o'clock. It's a good thing it only takes him about 5 min to get there or he'd be late all the time.

    He went to El Camino's football game Friday night and golfing about 6:30 Sat morning and then again on Sunday. I had to have dinner for him at 11:15 when he went to see the Rams and the 49ers play here in Los Angeles at the Colosseum. This is the 3rd Sunday in a row that he has gone to see the Rams play and I'm real happy when he goes because that's about the only diversion he has besides school work and work. Of course he does play golf too but that's during the day and since he is going to school it's just one day a week.

    All he does on Sunday when he doesn't go to see the Rams play is go to Mass and then just sit around all day and either watch foot ball games on T.V. or listen to them on Radio and after they are over he just lays around and reads. The poor boy. I guess all the lads he works with are married and that kind of lets him stranded over the weekend with just dad and I for company.

    He was out the other Sat afternoon looking at colored television sets. I only hope he doesn't buy one because right now they are almost out of reach and I'm sure they will become a lot cheaper soon and then it will be soon enough to buy one as dad and I are thoroughly satisfied with the T.V. set we now have.

    I was so pleased and happy to receive the pictures of the kiddies. They are getting cuter all the time if that's possible but why don't you have a neighbor or someone take a picture of all of you so I can see just how you and Les are coming along too. Now that you have taken to cooking so many fresh vegetables and baking so much too I'm looking forward to seeing you put on a little more weight too. It sure made me happy to hear you were doing so well in cooking and baking because I know with three small kiddies to look after you don't have too much time to do your own baking of cookies etc.

    Do you have a mix master? If not you really should have one as they are a big help. I think Jinny uses hers all the time to mash potatoes and anything that she can use it for she does.

    Well darling we are all fine here and hope you are all the same and as I'm running out of news, I'll say toodle oo for now with loads of love and kisses from all to all

Your loving + devoted Mom


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