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handwritten by Charlotte Plaehn Wachdorf to sister-in-law Dolores

people mentioned:

her husband, Jerry ("your loving brother")

Aunt Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, widow of Irene's late brother Henry

Bunk = her brother-in-law, Frank Wachdorf

your mother = her mother-in-law Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

your dad = her father-in-law Edward Wachdorf Sr

Mary = Mary Armstrong, local lady who drove Irene to church

Larry = her brother-in-law

her youngest son, A**


says at top, "Excuse the writing"


Dear Dolores + Les + kiddies,

    I guess it's about time I write + let you know what's going on. If you didn't know I had come out here you can blame your loving brother. I told him to be sure + call you as I really didn't have time. Everything happened so fast. We discovered Monday night that Aunt Louise didn't leave so then + there they decided that I should go. Bunk wanted me to leave Tuesday + I guess you can imagine what a turmoil my place was in. As a result I left Wed.

    Your mother has improved a great deal but she is far from being perfect again. If she will stick to her diet I'm sure she will never have it happen again. She is being very good. Her stomach hurts her after she eats but I think it's because it's still sore. She wants to go go go but of course she gets stomped on. I let her do a few things now such as wash the dishes + make her bed. If she is a little tired after supper then I make her sit down + I do the dishes + clean up. Sometimes I have to force her in the living room but then she will be good + stay there.

    We play cards almost every night which she really enjoys. I'm getting so I even win once in a while. She goes to church every morning but your dad said it's OK as long as Mary takes her + brings her home. Other than that she takes it easy, which surprises me as you know your mom. She hasn't lost weight + she really looks much better than when she came to Chi last year. Your dad is still the same. I think he's really happy he has A** here to bawl out, as he never gets far with your mother and of course Larry will never change.

    Well my dear I'll close now but I thought you might like to know what's going on out here

Until I see you


Charlotte + A**


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