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Photos that went with this letter at bottom of page.

T/W/A = Trans World Airlines or "There's Wachdorfs Away"

Bunk = son Frank who worked for T.W.A.

Frank & Millie = neighbors (surname Vrzak)


March 1st 1954




        Just to keep you happy out of your turn, here's a few pictures to keep you from getting too lonesome. Also trying to avoid so many idle trips to the mail box for you, especially since you are looking for double surprises. Once from your doting hubby and one from your loving folks just around the corner. You will see how short the distance when you climb aboard a T/W/A and be here before you have time to realize you're in my car driving to our rendezvous in dear old Cal.   

        Evidently you are thoroughly familiarized by now of Bunk's and Jinnie's sojourn, as they probably narrated their experience better than I could describe. Only hope we may get better acquainted with you due to a little longer extended visit. Their way is not replete enough. We still had oodles of places to reconnoiter, even to our own satisfaction. We like to boast of our adopted land and will use dexterousness in our endeavor to have you believe we originally founded California.

        If you can find room in your bag you carry with you on the place and not in your baggage, as it would be too weighty, bring along a half dozen each of our silverware as we are short and borro from Frank and Millie in extreme emergencies. Our inventory of each is about 4 of each.

        Also bring your bedroom slippers to avoid cold feet. Of course the only way you get cold feet is getting up and going to the bathroom at night. Floors get icy cold, at least feels that-a-way. That's the limit of baggage. No heavies of any sort, rather on the light side. One thing for sure, bring along a heavy Billy. We need a toddler again for oddly enough, "reminiscence."

        I'll hold off frivolity for the time being to expedite mailing as we are on our way to the mailbox with other letters a little tardy. Keep counting the days and step it up closer. Now who is the anxious ones?


Love from all of us,

Mom, Dad and Larry

3845 W. 154th St.

Lawndale Calif

Don't expose these pictures in advance of Bunk receiving his which are being printed now. Yours is the original copy.


Click on image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again. The Sabina Masonick I think is in these photos is mentioned in letters 1-27-54 and 2-7-54 as a cousin of  Art's wife, Irene Safranski Wachdorf (Sabina's maiden name I think = Hojnaski?)


labeled 2-22-54 Capistrano. Irene with daughter-in-law Jinnie and grandsons

Bunk & Jinnie and sons, labeled 2-22-54 Anaheim (suspect their in Sabina Masonick's yard)

labeled 2-22-54 Anaheim, suspect those are Sabina & Larry Masonick's children between Bunk's son

Ed and Irene flanking a woman I think must be Sabina Masonick, their daughter-in-law Irene's cousin


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