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Bunk = son Frank (whose visit to CA was discussed in last letter)

Dolores & Les = daughter & son-in-law

Harry = son

La Grange Wachdorfs = Bunk & Jinny, I think

Millie = Millie Vrsak, neighbor



Mar 13 1954


Dear Ones,


        Greetings again, Les, as the prodigal son. Next wandering for both of you should be out west to dear old California. Dolores kept us posted and also lamented the fact of being alone with no grown up company for companionship.

        After receiving those records from Harry and listening to the riot you people had it sure must have been fun. Of course we had to be a part of the merriment even though we were not physically part of the party. For one room to contain so much din must have amazed the neighbors also. After we listened to so much tumultuous excitement we cautiously waited thru the confusion for the sound of sirens from the La Grange law and order department.

        If you people keep up these clan conclaves just as noisily as that last one, I'm sure some of you will have to move out here as no sane and peace loving neighbors will put up with such revelry. Our wishes are selfishly then for bigger and better assemblies with a lot more energy and zip and even might tolerate a slight touch of inebriation thrown in from amplification of volume. Oh, for the life of us hermits, being entertained by remote control and 3 D's. Our minds are flexible enough to imagine everything, even being in the midst of one of those jamborees. Also got the postman to unload his bag here after a long and patient delay. An armful of letters from the Hardisons all at one time.

        About the silverware, just bring along a half dozen only of knives, forks and teaspoons, and that's all. Mom will bring back a like amount and then we can entertain royalty again. You just bring you and family and make it snappy. The weather has been swell lately with clear skies and in the high sixties. Mom is still nursemaid for Millie and is kept plenty busy running two homes.

        By the way we have a chance to buy this home for $135,000 if we act quick as they are going to sell. They paid $12,000 and put in $1,000 improvement including patio and concrete block fences plus landscaping deluxe. Rent would be $67.50 instead of $90 now and only a rent receipt to show. The big question is down payment. We are not sure yet on this score. Going to write Bunk to see what he thinks after they have seen the place and can give an opinion. It's  good buy for someone. It has a few drawbacks such as not close enough to church and maybe others that we should not write about. Tell you later of being too close to our neighbors.

        You can consult with the La Grange Wachdorfs for proper apparel, baggage, ambitions, pastimes and what have you. Leave the selection of scenery to us and we won't disappoint you. After your visit you must go back and propagate ides of the golden west and what a God's county to live in, who said we have bats in our belfry?

        Keep up the faith and soon you all can be a native for a while. Mom always said Patience is a Virtue. Anyway, hurry.

Love from all of us,


Mom, Dad, Larry

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