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by Margaret Kary Wachdorf, wife of Ed Wachdorf Jr

names of her surviving children & spouses replaced with description of the person's relationship (in italics to show where it's been done)

One name omitted completely, of Marge's godchild, Dolores' middle daughter

People mentioned:

all her children, all their spouses, some of her grandchildren, her oldest daughter's mother-in-law

her husband, Ed

mom + dad + Larry = her husband's parents & brother

her husband's brother Jerry Wachdorf & Jerry's wife Char

Dick + Millie = the Heagbergs. Dick was married to her husband's sister until she died in 1939, then remarried to Millie



Feb 1, 1966


Dear Dolores,

    I just finished a letter to mom + dad + Larry and decided to continue along the same line and write to you. I'm always indebted to you because you answer so fast.

    Know what today is? Eddie is 26 yrs old and his baby was a year old Jan. 27. Today on "Bozo" we (Rose, Rose's  second son, and myself) seen Eddie's wife, oldest daughter and second oldest daughter. "Bozo" is a clown on T.V. on channel 9 at 12:00. Rose's 2nd son always eats lunch and watches "Bozo" and was he excited when he seen his cousin sitting on the M.C.'s lap, talking to him.

    Last Saturday + Sunday, Jerry + Char, Dick + Millie, my youngest daughter + her 1st husband, Ed + I were all in Peoria. The boys bowled in the U. of C. State Bowling Tournaments at Pekin (about 10 miles away). All bowled about average or under, but had a good time, living it up away from home.

    Rose's husband has become a traveling salesman again and left yesterday morning for the East where he's heading into some terrific snow storms. He has a new company car and Rose has their old car so she won't be isolated as before. She's not happy about him traveling, but what can she do--it's his only way of advancing.

    My youngest daughter is working at an I.B.M. place (1900 Michigan) and loves it. At present she has her own desk and is billing. Later they will train her to use the I.B.M. machines.

    My oldest daughter's husband accompanied his mother this morning on a week's vacation in Florida. My oldest daughter and children are coming here Fri after school and staying until Sun night. Her husband supplied travel tickets--mama supplied loot. His mother's plant closed for inventory.

    Yesterday I went back to work. I'm only working part time this week and next. Boy! was I tired last night! I still am not myself. I have this gastric hernia (stage before ulcer) which bothers me almost continuously. I have a diet to follow (which I do) and I take Maalox, which helps. I had to buy a corset that laces up the front and bound all around to pull my stomach muscles up and ease my back-aches. Very uncomfortable, but without it I look like I'm about 8 months pregnant and dropped. I haven't lost any weight, in fact I gained 10 lbs since my operation and I think all in one spot. I quit smoking!

    Poor little ---! Tell her I haven't forgotten her birthday and Christmas gifts--I just haven't been near a post-office.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas--kind of expected to see you, but I realize it's not easy with a family of 6 to just pick up and leave. I had all my children here for Christmas dinner and I made mock chicken legs (81). I've run out of time and space, so until later,

Love + bye bye



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