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Key to those mentioned:

Bunk (& wife Jinnie), Harry, Larry = his children

Frank & Millie = neighbors, surname Vrzak

Peanuts = Wilbur Schuch, friend of his sons (his photo on this page: letters 1953)

Marge Habercorn = friend of his daughter Dolores


Lawndale Calif.

Dec 9th 1953

Dear Dolores, Les and Billy


Won’t take us quite as long to answer your letter as it did you to write it. You had Mom all a-jitter waiting, as you said over the phone that one was going out the next few days. Well you made up for the delay with the length of your letter. Mom now in exstacy and forgives all.

Understand from all the rest of the clan that you are trying to give us a run for homes. We know we have a swell one but from news from them and also Larry and Peanuts, we’re not so sure now. Anyway we are glad to hear you have such a nice place and like it just as much as the rest do. Nothing too good for my women folks. Just wrote to Harry so if I forget something, compare notes. He also classes your place as the Sunday stop over for the gang and a neighbor of Bunk and Jinnie. Well you are used to living like that from the old home, “sounds remote now.”

Mom is the swellest girl now. Taking things easy and not so upset as usual. Of course I am doing even better than that with my weight now 138 pounds and still going. Not a care in the world except to beat Mom in finding pieces to the jigsaw puzzles. Been doing our own shopping since Larry parked our car out here and also driving to church on Sunday and yesterday.

This Frank and Millie are really swell people. We met them the first trip out here with Harry and now we are very close neighbors. They both run a service station up town near Los Angeles with 76 gasoline, Union Oil Co.

I suppose by now you are fairly well acquainted with the news as Larry promised to be the reporter and give forth with the tidings. He really said Hello and Goodbye. Imagine 3 days stop over and then back to Chicago. Be sure and ask them about their trip out here and have him thank Marge Habercorn for everything. Peanuts took some pictures which he will have developed and show to all, also movies on film roll. Hope they turn out okay. Guess by the descriptive letters we have been sending, you can close your eyes and picture our place and when you see the pictures you can confirm the facts. Still more letters to write so wait until the next one for more news.


Merry Christmas to all and love from both of us.

Mom and Dad

Phone Osborn 6-7333

3845 W. 154th St. Lawndale Calif.

No more long distance calls. Above is our phone for emergency only.


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