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NOTE: despite discussion of typewriter, the letter is handwritten. Judging by note added at end, this letter went out (typewritten) to one of Ed's sons, and this transcription was sent simultaneously to Dolores, what he calls "a sneaker letter."


NOTE ALSO: he didn't use quotation marks. I added them to make it easier to read.


Harry = son

Larry = son

Millie = Millie Vrzak, neighbor



March 24th 1954


Dear Ones,


        At last, at first, oh anytime will do to celebrate. Also to help Larry dedicate this typewriter to a humanitarian act. He has a very sensitive feeling, especially after listening to Harry's record, massaging it in about his wonderful calligraphy. Now he will take all the mystery our of writing by using said typewriter in a humane way so that no one can suspect him of being prehistoric. From now on he takes no chance of one of his masterpieces falling into the hands of an archeologist for translation as a rare bit of hieroglyphics to be sold at auction. Then again it could be that after he writes, he can't figure it out himself just what his letters were trying to convey. News or a jigsaw puzzle or perhaps a map showing where a hidden treasure is buried.

        Every other letter he gets, someone reminds him to keep on trying writing, even though it takes considerable time and effort trying to decode. He went all out buying a slightly used Olympia Werke West GMBH Wilhelmshaven made in Germany machine that is the last word in efficiency. You have to keep the instructions at your elbow to know when to pull levers, press buttons, and gadgets too many to mention. You must pass an engineering test before you can use one or you might end up building a bridge. It's packed in a beautiful case and is portable type. After I get thru looking at some of my letter it's probably best that I also avail myself of the typewriter to send messages home. Mom proof reads all my correspondence and has to inquire just what words I am saying. Now it will serve a dual purpose for both Larry and I as neither of us are prize penmen.

        We have been having considerable rain lately. Sometimes it rains so hard that it floods the streets. They have no storm sewers to drain off the water and as the terrain is naturally hilly, the water comes a flowing down from the higher streets. Same streets have signs about 4 ft high reading, "flooded area." If the sign is under water and completely inundated you better stop as the street is impassable.

        Also we have had a few minor earthquakes as stated in the papers. So far we have not felt any and am not over anxious to actually participate in any. They can have their earthquakes. I'll be satisfied with rolls from the bakery.

        We have been spending a lot of time lately going to the hospital visiting Millie who finally had her tonsils out Tuesday the 23rd after 6 blood transfusions. She is running a fever yet, at least today, and must stay until tomorrow or longer. The hospital has a bumper crop, all auto accidents. Wonder what Millie is doing there?

        The rain has me doing double time on jigsaws and as I generally work them after breakfast, Mom and Larry both help out so that one is worked out in jigsaw time. Your Mom cops the berries with her suave manner by picking up a piece and coyishly asking, "Does this one fit in there?" as she submits the missing link. Of course Larry raves on with his inimitable mannerism by shouting, "Ain't it great how good I am, it's super colossal what a genius can do. Follow me dad and you will soon learn." So say I to Mom, "Can you smell anything obnoxious?"

        You ought to hear him shout while looking at a fight on television. One night a fight lacking action and Larry shouted "Hit him now, you big bum, you've got the wind with you."

        This will be my first sneaker, making copies of this letter to live up to the old maxim, a rolling stone will gather two birds. You see, I like work as it fascinates me. I can sit all day and look at it for hours, especially writing letters. Some folks does all their loafing at one time while I does mine as I go along. It's great to be a retired businessman. My title is Mom's Chauffeur. That is, I drive as she directs.



Mom, Dad and Larry

This is the original from which I transcribed the copies. A preview for you and another sneaker, putting you ahead again of theirs



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