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By Edward Wachdorf,

people mentioned:

sons Larry, Harry, Bunky

daughter Dolores

daughters in law Jinny (Bunk), Justy (Harry)

neighbor Frank Vrzak & his nephew/boarder John Foltz & John's wife Jean Cassello Foltz

Mrs. Baldwin: Carrie Baldwin, old neighbor from Chicago


carbon of a typed letter, marked by hand "Jinny & Dolores"


Jan 14th 1955

Dear Ones;

    Thanks for your letters of good cheer which are always so welcome and anxiously awaited. Wish I could typewrite as fast as I think and that would eliminate half of these mistakes. The other half I just make naturally. Were we glad to hear from Dolores and Les personally the day of the arrival of their newborn son or should I say son of a gun. He really is fast on the trigger. From now on Dolores will be merry-go-round all the time. Nothing like doubling up on everything I say.

    The weather has been a little rougher than last year and rainy, just enough to keep me out of the garden with too much adobe to fight. It's my dirt and wants to cling to me and every time Mom sticks her foot in she gets the same kind of reception. Gooey-gooey.

    I wrote a chain letter to three of the boys, so you should be hearing the news from them. While I think of it, please ask Bunk if he can bring out Mom's flat iron from Justy and Harry's place. Hers went caput completely and she is now using Frank's when the other Jean is not. Between the two of them the iron is having a hot time and gets plenty of sliding and gliding.

    Tell the youngsters their toys are put away in a safe place and waiting to be taken down by them the next trip.

    Guess the newly weds are planning to stick it out. John has a job now with the No. American Aviation co., and should turn out good after his apprenticeship. He must learn how to operate a turret lathe for about eight weeks and then graduate as a machinist's helper. Larry has them broke in as ping pong players as well as bowlers and golf enthusiasts.

    Larry said he had a wonderful time at school last night. Cutting up again. Said they had fun with his dissecting. That's all I know as he is just as talkative as ever, the mute.

    We are expecting company from Mrs. Baldwin so if Bunk wants to come, try and give us a few days advance info so we can make our best arrangements if and when she comes. Best for ours first and always.

    Roses and lilies still in bloom and our orange is still holding on. Some of the plants are getting anxious for spring as they are starting to get new leaves and sprouting green again.

    Mom is pounding on the dinner gongs to come and get it so will sign off this time with

Love from all of us

Mom --Dad & Larry


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