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By Edward Wachdorf Sr.

carbon of typed letter


people mentioned besides wife and son Larry:

daughter Dolores

Peanut & Frank = Wilbur & Frank Schuch, former Chicago neighbors

Johnnie = John Foltz, nephew of neighbor Frank Vrzak

Jean = Jean Cassello Foltz, John's wife

Lydia = Lydia Harnois, widow of Edward's late brother Harry

Loretta = Lydia's sister, Loretta Harnois, soon to be Loretta Vrzak

Alice = Lydia and Loretta's sister


note that public records show Frank's surname as Vrzak, not Vrsak as written in this letter.


May 15th 1955 Sunday 2 P.M.


Dear Ones;

    Yes, you guessed it, Larry, Frank and Peanuts took off for Las Vegas Friday night about 10:30 P.M. for a brief stay, in fact until Monday night or probably sooner if they go broke real fast. No question abut the authenticity of the latter statement, as that's the only way those natives let it happen and the sooner the better.

    They arrived out here last Sunday 8th about 7 P.M. and the hell [might say "bell"?] was on. Larry tried everything to amuse and dismay them all at once. He occupies their time daily with four o'clock golf which follows his working hours and tends to break up any schedule I try to make up to show them around, as I only have the mornings to work on and they love their rest after the night-before's unnerving routing they go through with Larry and Johnnie. First they don't get home until about 10 to midnite or thereabouts. Some ping pong is in order if they get home early and bowling, pool, and a bucket of balls.

    We also had a night of good entertainment by looking at Peanut's gallery of pictures he brought along. Very very wonderful, only wish there were more as they sure are glamorous. We sat and booed every time they showed Larry and Peanuts pictures, which by the way seemed every other one and Larry thought that was excellent. Peanuts took some shots of our gorgeous roses and can prove my boasting when they are developed and ready for your approval.

    We had them to date to the Last Supper window and the crucifixion down at Forest Lawn cemetery at Glendale, also to Hollywood & Vine, down Hollywood boulevard, Sunset boulevard, and Wiltshire miracle mile to the ocean, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Long Beach, Redondo and Hermosa beach, including Sunovah beach also. Frank is thinking about taking up a collection to buy the praying seal a rosary. We had them into the aquarium to see the antics of the seals and the other fish including Minnie the whale with the detached tail, also the penguins in their full dress regalia and we duly spent some dimes to buy sacks of fish to feed the seals. I also spent a nickel to go at the pier as they charge you to go, but it was better than lousing up my B.V.D.s.

    This is the audience we have almost every night to help celebrate the arrival of the Schuchs. Frank Vrsak, Lydia and Loretta Harnois, John and Jean and their hidden baby and all of us, some congestion. Hey, things are getting real serious with Frank and Loretta, in fact they asked Irene and I to be the best people at their wedding next Saturday May 21st at 1:30 P.M. at our church. How much can we crowd into these busy times anyway. Since the courtship we have seen plenty of them, including Lydia and even her sister Alice from No. Hollywood.

    Mom is fairly well but that is as far as I am going. She still could be a lot better but it takes a little time to recuperate fully, but you know your very impatient Mom, she just has to push everything instead of waiting to be lifted along. Tell her Boys, but good. Dolores has spoken in her last letter but must cry louder. Let's all write to her and cheer her up or at least wish her luck for a speedy recovery, even though it is not serious or to a point as yet. Letters is the best tonic I can prescribe and I mean the double doses, prayers might help as she has so often prayed for you. Thanks again and again with loving thoughts will close for this time


Mom--Dad & Larry, + Company


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