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Handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

people mentioned besides husband Edward Wachdorf & son Larry:

Dolores' new baby & her sons B** & J** & husband Les & mother-in-law

Cy & Eleanor Cahill = Eleanor was cousin of daughter-in-law Charlotte, and Charlotte =wife of son Jerry

Char = daughter-in-law, wife of son Jerry

Millie = Millie Heagberg, wife of former son-in-law Dick Heagberg (widower of their late daughter Irene)

Peanut = Wilbur Schuch, friend of son Larry from Chicago


Lawndale Mar 23 --56


My dear darlings Dolores, Les + family,


    How much I miss you all honey you will never know especially now that you have the new baby and I am dying to see it--oh why did we ever move to Calif? Now that our company is gone and we are alone again I'm more lonesome than ever--can hardly wait until we have company again or until we can go to Chgo.

    I am anxiously awaiting a picture of the new baby, be sure and send me one of those they take right after it is born. I think they are really too cute for anything + then you can really tell how different each one looks from the other. Who does P** resemble, does she look like B** or J***, at any rate I'm sure she is the most adorable baby ever born, and how are you feeling honey? I know you have your hands full with 3 babies to take care of and maybe as Cy + Eleanor said you could let --was it Char + Millie that wanted to take care of B** + J** for awhile until you have regained a little more of your strength? Please don't overdo it honey as you will pay for it later and you can't afford to do that as Les and the babies need you very much.

    Larry is amazed and says how does Dolores do it--she insists she is going to have a boy and a boy it is and then when she wants a girl, a girl it is. He says he is pretty proud of his little sister being such a wonderful mother to such a nice little brood already.

    I think he is figuring on coming to Chgo in May but I don't like the idea that Peanut wants to take him to Minn. with him fishing + hunting as I think Larry should spend his vacation visiting with his brothers + sister while he is there and of course that means his in-laws too most definitely.

    Dad has been pretty busy since Cy + Eleanor left as the rose bushes all needed spraying on account of bugs that got on them and then our grass + other flowers and bushes all needed sprinkling very much too so he is out working around the outside of the house from about 10:30 until about 4:00 P.M. You should know how Larry is interested in the garden etc he asks Dad every night when he gets home whether he sprayed the rose bushes or not and did he take care of the blackberry bushes and the peach trees etc.

    They are all commencing to blossom now and we don't want to do like we did last year, leave about a couple hundred peaches on the tree (although he took more than a three pound can of peaches off) and instead of getting a hundred peaches  or more of good size we got about 500 peaches the size of a walnut but believe it or not they were as sweet as sugar--that was only one tree--on the other one we got about 5 dozen of good size (about the size of an orange).

    Well honey as you well know too that since our company let I've been trying to catch up on my ironing + house cleaning etc oh yes sleep too as I know we didn't get to bed one night before 1 or 2 o'clock as we played pinochle every night until 12:30 or 1:30 A.M. and then I had to get up about 10 min before six as I had to be out of the bathroom so Larry could get in to take a shower and get ready for work by six sharp and I had to be ready for my chauffeur to pick me up at 6:20 for Mass which starts at 6:30.

    Well honey it is almost time to get Dad up for breakfast. I always do my writing after I've had my breakfast and until it is time to call Dad, so hoping to hear from you soon and hoping too that you are all well and happy

I am as ever

your loving + devoted Mom

PS How are B** + J** taking to the new baby is B** treating her like he did J**--trying to crown her with whatever is handy--and I bet Les is really proud having a little girl in the family now too--and is she a good baby like J*** was or is she collicky like B*** was--and for your sakes I hope she is a very good baby and sleeps a lot so as to give you a chance to get a good rest at night at least.

    Well honey I think it was wonderful of Les' mother to come in + take care of your family while you were in the hospital and I'm sure she was pretty well worn out by the time you got home but maybe some day you will be able to do something for her to compensate a little for all she has done for you and your family. Thank her for me too.

Love + kisses from all to all


Did you get my card?


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