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Congratulations card handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores


people mentioned:

her grandsons (names removed) by daughter Dolores

her grandson (name removed) by son Jerry & daughter-in-law Charlotte

Cy & Eleanor = Cy Cahill & wife Eleanor Marx Cahill, Eleanor being the cousin of daughter-in-law Charlotte

her son-in-law's mother




Congratulations and best wishes on the arrival of your new baby, can hardly wait to see her, be sure and send me a picture to keep among my most prized possessions, the pictures I have of B*** and J*** + A***. Say hello to Les' mother and thank her for me too for being so kind and good to you and Les. Will write a long letter after Cy + Eleanor leave. Take good care of yourself and we will be seeing you sometime in May--was wonderful talking to you and thanks so much for calling. Love + kisses from all,




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