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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

Note when she says she "wrote to the Poor Clares" to ask them to pray for Edward, his maternal aunt was a member of that order

People mentioned:

dad = her husband, Edward Wachdorf Sr

Char + Jerry = her daughter-in-law & son

name of grandchild replaced with "your youngest daughter"


Lawndale Oct 11--62


Dear Ones:

    Just a few lines to let you know we got home O.K. + dad felt pretty good on the plane. Didn't have any appetite to eat though, although they served us a wonderful meal. Is still having trouble with his breathing, had to get up both nights and sit in the rocker as it was getting too hard to breathe in bed lying down, is feeling a little better today so I'm hoping and praying real hard that he will be able to get a good full night's sleep tonight without having to get up and sit in a chair. Wrote to the Poor Clares and asked them to pray for him too.

    Was so happy to see you all and your wonderful little family--could hardly believe your youngest daughter could have grown so much already and it is hard to believe too that you have three children going to school already. Our grandchildren are really growing up, especially when you think we have seven great-grandchildren and another to add to that in Dec. and some of them are going to school already too.

    Well dearie you can't imagine how good I felt to see you looking so good--hope you keep the little weight you put on for keeps. Les and the kiddies all are looking fine too. Only wish we could see them a little oftener than once a year--but after I saw how the damp weather affected Dad I guess I should be happy we are in Calif even if it does get very lonely thinking of you all so far away. Hope you will be able to get out to see us in Calif next year for sure, am thinking of it all the time. Well dearies I still have to drop a few lines to Char + Jerry so I'll say toodle oo and God love you all

Love Mom