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1962 Feb 7 Irene by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, getting over flu, her husband finally getting back out to yard to prune so it rained, "just love to sit in the window and watch it rain and see the kiddies come home from school plowing through the deepest puddles they can find," but regrets living so far from everyone, Harry sent photo of car buried by snow, thanks for photo of whole family & "I could just squeeze and eat up the baby she has such a sweet look on her face and as you say she is so tiny," are you still moving in Spring.


1962 March 14 Irene by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, detailing her birthday tour of churches with friend Mary, attending Byzantine Rite, stopping by Greek Orthodox, to oldest church in L.A., Mary made her lunch and then "we went home and I got there just in time to help Janet get dad's lunch. Well after that Janet visited a little while I washed the dishes made the beds straightened up a bit and it was time to go over to Ruth's for a very lovely chicken dinner that she had all prepared for us with all the trimmings and a beautiful birthday cake too. Well it was certainly a big day for me and I really enjoyed it immensely."


1962 April Irene by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, mentions Hilda Grimm Diver Forney in hospital for heart palpitations, "as soon as I stand on my feet too long I get to feeling sick to my stomach and have to lie down for a while. I think it's because I'm still losing blood all the time and although I still take iron pills it probably doesn't make up for what I lose...Dad doesn't do too much in the yard anymore either, works jigsaw puzzles almost all day but is feeling pretty good except for his shortness of breath," details their roses big as dinner plate and blossoming fruit trees, says people ask if house is for sale & wonders if daughter is still selling hers, hopes they got through severe winter okay, "Hope with the Grace of God and if it be His Holy Will that we will again be able to come to Chgo to visit in Sept." 


1962 Oct 11 Irene by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, on trip back to California after visit to Chicago, but damp weather was bad for Ed Sr, "having trouble with his breathing, had to get up both nights and sit in the rocker as it was getting too hard to breathe in bed lying down," but glad to see everyone, to see daughter put on weight, laments seeing everyone only once a year, "it is hard to believe too that you have three children going to school already. Our grandchildren are really growing up, especially when you think we have seven great-grandchildren and another to add to that in Dec."