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1963 letters


1963 Jan Irene by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf wishing her grandson a happy birthday, "I know you love the snow as I did as a little kiddie but I hope God doesn't send you too much...tell Mommy I would love to hear from her..."

1963 April Irene by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, apologizing for missing people's birthdays, "I really have a hard time getting all of my work done much less having time to write. I get either sick to my stomach or dizzy and have to lie down quite often some days..."

1963 Sept 9 Edward by Edward Wachdorf Sr. two days after Irene had surgery, detailing it vaguely via extended football metaphor, saying also, "I'll acquaint you with one of my secrets. When I saw your Mom as a girl, I took stock and was convinced she had the stuff...Just keep on rooting and don't lose faith, that's all we ask...She looks like the Berlin wall all taped, wired, and plastered up. No need to say it's sore, pretty damned sore..." Neighbor ladies cooking for her, and she has to go to the clinic for follow-up (note that her death certificate said her colon cancer was diagnosed in 1963).