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by Edward Wachdorf Sr (presume, but it is unsigned)


Note that her 1969 death certificate lists her as having colon cancer diagnosed in 1963.



Lawndale, Calif.


Dear Ones,

    Got your most welcome letter today and was advised to keep you posted. Starting from Saturday the 7th we picked up Mom at the hospital for home grounds for the final victory. Sounds a little like a football game, but we sure were living up to great hopes for a touchdown.

    I'll acquaint you with one of my secrets. When I saw your Mom as a girl, I took stock and was convinced she had the stuff. Twice now I have proven my convictions when she had to carry the ball. Both times she was going down the field, but each time she was thrown for a rough loss, but given the ball after a severe shake up she come through for a touch down. Her support was great as she had two fine ends, Drs. Fisher and Halisey, driving alongside her, each time making an opening for her so she could score. Amidst the applause of all her rooters as we could even hear the home crowd rooting and giving her encouragement to keep going.

    Her most ardent supporter was Saint Mary, who stood by at the goal post with a helping hand of strength and cheer. Just keep on rooting and don't lose faith, that's all we ask.

    We are faring out fine, giving all the nursing care she needs. No use saying it's helping her gain back her strength and now all we need is a little repair work as she was badly bruised for a torturous week of recovery. She looks like the Berlin wall all taped, wired, and plastered up. No need to say it's sore, pretty damned sore. Needs a good intern to keep up her spirits. I took the job of Dr. Kildare and try to get by with Kimmel and Brandy for the spirits. Have two of the best nurses, Ruth and Janet, who can't be beat. They make special meals for her as the doctor said "eat anything you want that agrees with you and plenty of it as we want to get you back on weight from 94 to UP."

    You know Mom, she don't give up and will fight her way back to normalcy and real quick. She and Mary Armstrong are comparing notes again as to how soon she can start going to Mass daily at 6:30 A.M. I think. While I am attending physician, I'll be opposing all thought of this until some later date.

    Larry and I have an assortment of T.V. dinners that make a splendid meal, while the two nurses see that Mom gets a special treat. Now what better arrangements could you want. Just all you stay home and keep up your novenas. I kept my promise of going to communion Sunday the 8th if she got through for a touchdown; that's why she carried the ball to the goal with everyone assisting and cheering her on.

    Anyone can phone call now as long as you don't wear her out with penalties for off side or roughing her up. She can't afford lost yardage.

    Now she must go back to the clinic in Redondo Beach for follow through and check ups. Will try to keep you posted.