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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

people mentioned:

dadd = her husband, Ed Wachdorf Sr

daughter Dolores

son Larry

son Harry

neighbors Ruth & Leo Kelly

Hilda = her cousin, Hilda Grimm Diver Forney


Lawndale Apr 17 -- 64


Dear Ones:

    Dear Dolores I am real sorry I am so late in sending you wishes for a happy birthday. I really haven't any excuse because I've had the card long before your birthday and every day I would say today I'm going to write to Dolores and send her a letter and birthday wishes too. But I just can't sit down and write my heart isn't in writing and I feel so depressed most of the time that I just couldn't write a decent letter.

    We are all pretty good here--dad's back is almost O.K. now and by next week I think he will be able to go out and pull a few weeds and sprinkle a little bit too. Larry is working hard every day and of course golfing and bowling real hard too. Was just on a golfing tournament to San Diego last week and expects to go on a bowling tournament or whatever you call it to Santa Barbara in about 2 wks too.

    Ruth and Leo still work their heads off around here, anyway Leo does (I don't let Ruth do anymore of my work and haven't since I came back from Chgo last year). I don't always get everything done like I'd like to but I do the best I can.

    Well darlings, I hope you are all well and I've been praying so you will sell your house real soon and that you will find just the place you want real soon  too. Well as I still have Hilda's birthday  card to send to her (Apr 7 was her day) I better say toodle oo and God love you all as we do, as Harry says,



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