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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

names of granddaughters replaced with "your daughters"

Dad = her husband, Ed Wachdorf Sr

Les = her son-in-law


Lawndale -- Dec 10-64


Dear Ones:

    Surprise--I'm early this year with my Xmas greetings--but as I can't muster up enough energy right now to start some Xmas house cleaning I thought I'd start on that. I still have quite a few to go so I won't make this a long letter.

    We are all pretty good although dad has a slight cold and I'm just plain getting old. Our weather here has been quite cold in the morning but nice + warm + sunshiney all day--fine for the people who have to go Xmas shopping.

    I hope your winter wont' be too severe but I suppose the kiddies are really looking forward to ice fishing  + ice skating too so they probably are looking forward to real cold weather. 

    Glad to hear Les had such good luck hunting--how did you enjoy your deer meat--to me it tasted like roast beef if you remember when dad brought some home from Wisc.

    How is our new boy? growing up fast I bet. They don't seem to stay babies very long any more and before you know it he will be wanting to go fishing + hunting too. Is he good at night or does he get you up several times, some of them do, you know, and how do your daughters like him--they probably would rather have had a sister--send us a new family picture with all of you on it (you still have your Polaroid camera don't you ) I would love to have one, a picture that is.

    Well darling I still have a few more to go and I want to get them all out this week so I'll say toodle oo for now with all our love to all of you and God's Love + Blessings too your ever

Loving + lonesome