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From Della Hodges Hardison to her husband's son:


Bill--William Leland Hardison

Note that he died ten days after this letter was written.





Dear Les and Delores,


I finally persuaded Bill to let me take him to the hospital Saturday. He is in the Arkansas Clinic at Batesville. Dr. Chas. Taylor is his doctor + he said Bill had bad coronary trouble + now he had Electrolyte trouble which is poor circulation in his head. While I was there yesterday, he became numb in his right arm + leg + his speech was poor. The nurses got busy + gave him a shot + in a few minutes was better. I am going back down there today to see him. Am praying they can help him + in a few days he can come home. I talked with his doctor + he said that he wanted to keep Bill down there for a few days + run some more tests.

    Will try to write often + will call you if he gets any worse--





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