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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

Some names removed & replaced by relationship, italics show where it's been done

Others mentioned:

Barbara Schmidt: Lawndale friend, I think

Mary + Mo: I don't know

Larry: her son


Lawndale Jan 12--66


Dear Ones:

    I am finally getting around to writing that letter I promised about 2 wks ago. I am sorry honey but I just can't get down to writing letters. I was real busy before Xmas trying to get the house cleaned up a little more than usual for the holidays and I end up too tired to do any little thing extra that I didn't have to do, especially I wanted to be able to send you all a little Xmas remembrance from  us the kiddies first of all.

    I want to thank you so very much for all the nice things you sent us all. The cookies were luscious and the fudge too and I just about ate all the bread it was delicious and your father said he was very proud of his little Dolores making such a good loaf of bread which was even better than your mother even made. The towels came in real handy too as I am always looking around for something to dry my hands on and I also use them as napkins for Larry.

    Dolores honey tell the kiddies I just loved the little Nun they sent me. I had it on the T.V. set along with all the statues I had of the shepherds and the three kings that went with the beautiful crib Mary + Mo gave me for Xmas. It had an Angel too that went with it that you could wind up and it would go around and sing Holy Night, it also had a box of Poinsettias that went with it too + it just covered the whole top of the T.V. set. They even brought me a scarf to put under it that was kind of soft with a kind of cotton base all covered with sparkles or whatever you call them I can't remember.

    Oh yes Mrs. Schmidt (Barbara) gave me a beautiful black brocaded purse which I am saving for you as I have so many purses (she already gave me 3 herself). I am including $1.00 for your second son for his birthday in the money order and I'm going to try and so if I can't do better this year than I did last year that is if my memory holds out and me along with it.

    Well darlings I'm real sorry I'm so late in sending this but I just can't do the things I would like to do anymore so please forgive me as I love you all very much and if I'm still around next Xmas I'll try and ask that Santa get around in time.

    Larry loved the record album very much and as you know he is always playing records.

    Well darling I will say thank you again for everything (why so much money) and hope we will be able to welcome you all back at our house this year again your new son included so with God's Blessings on you all I am as ever

Your loving + lonesome

Mother + Grandmother

write soon

Maybe I'll see you in May if I'm still around by that time

Love, hugs, kisses from all to all


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