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Transcribed from typewritten original, postmark 9-9-1932, on stationary with ďWJJD Palmer HouseĒ letterhead


Miss Irene Wachdorf

1501 So. Layton Blvd.

Milwaukee, Wis.

(St. Josephís Convent)


Friday Rite Before Noon




WELL, howís it going? I suppose just great. Well, good for you! (donít mind the typing I havenít done any for sooooo long that I think I have almost forgotten how itís done)


Arrived home just fine after depositing you at your destination but havenít had a chance to see your mother so far. But will Sunday. Itís like this. The W.J.J.D. studio in Aurora moved and Iíve been out here for a weekóam going back to Chicago tomorrow and donít know if Iím going to be out here next week or not. I had to leave Monday (Labor Day) about 7 to get here (came in on Viís ticketóshe sent it Special Delivery Saturdayóreceived it Sunday morning about 8) Sheís in Chicago now. And it sure is nice out here. Oh well, if Iím supposed to work out here I will and if not ????????? But anyway you pray for me.


Your mother was just great going homeódidnít cry or anything. I had my BIG mouth going almost all the way home and that was that. Have you eaten spinach yet? And my goodness what about the stew? One thing, they sure fed us enough.


Hereís some NEWS. VIOLA AND MILTON FRIES ARE GOING TO BE MARRIED ABOUT THE SECOND OF NOVEMBER. They kept it quiet for a while but Mrs. Marek announced it in Sundayís paper. She (Mrs. Marek) was the only one who knew about itóand was the family surprised? They all read about it in the paper. She has a very beautiful ring from him so I think this time itís cinched. Now, ainít that news.


Howís Dorothy? And how are you, and Marie, and those other two cana? I canít think of how to spell it but I mean those other two girls that have been there for two years and were with us all day Saturday) Tell them I said Hello and give me their names, will you Renee?


What are you studying? Music or commercial worker? Or DID they put you sorting the laundry or peeling the potatoes? (I know this looks terrible but I wanna write and want you to get it for Sunday and the next time I promise to have the letter lookiní real nice so Excuse this.)


Will write you next week, if itís all right, and in the meantime please pray for me that I land somethiní pretty soon and Iíll be lookiní in on the family Sunday. So ADIOS!!!


Your old pal, MARIE

Itís a good thing Sister Beatrix doesnít see this.

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