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(NOTE: Viola Marek Fries, born 4-16-1905 in IL, died 5-4-1992 in CA, motherís maiden name Reece. Died Hemet, Riverside, CA. Milton Jeremiah Fries, presumably her spouse, 6-28-1905 to 3-9-1979 also died in Riverside CA.)

transcribed from typewritten original on WJJD Palmer House letterhead




Dearest Irene,


I suppose youíll get so many letters Sunday that youíll be reading them all week, so Iíll make mine short and snappy. Marie is going to write today too.


Marie is working out in Aurora and living with us. I got moved back here you know, and so Marie is out there temporarily at least. Dud has gone back to Evanston so weíre still the same number at home. School doesnít start until the latter part of the month, but he had to go back early to open up the house and get things started.


Marie says they didnít get home from Milwaukee until 1:30 that night as they stopped at the lake on the way. She said you looked so at home in your outfit and Iím just so anxious to see a picture of you in it. When is the first visiting Sunday, because weíre going to be there you knowóthat is, if you want us.


And now can you stand a shock? Iím going to be married November 8 to Milton. We announced it Sunday and I had my diamond Friday when I was over to your house but you were so busy and had so much to think about and there was so much company that I thought Iíd better wait and write you about it rather than tell you then. What do you think of it? Weíre going to have a church wedding and itís going to be lots of fun. Iíll have to keep you posted on it. And I hope I can send you a wedding picture, canít I? Now you arenít surprised, are you?


I donít think anybody was as surprised as my own folks, but they think we ought to know what weíre doing this time. Iíll have Milt go along to Milwaukee that visiting Sunday if you want him to come.


And now for some more news. Mr. High called me up yesterday and is swamped with the books you set up for him, so Iím going over to help him out this evening. I suppose Iíll get a ďthank youĒ for it, but then I couldnít turn him down. He wanted to know if the net sales for the month was the same as the accounts receivable, and if he doesnít know that much, how is he going to draw off a trial balanceÖ. I ask you!


I know this isnít a long letter, but just think of the volumes of news it contains, so Iíll stop now and go out and mail it so youíll be sure to have it for Sunday. All of the folks send their love and Iím going to call your mother and talk to her either this afternoon or tomorrow. And Iím planning on going out to see her some night next week. Iíll write you more later and in the meantimeóbe good and study hard.


Oceans of love,



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