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Lucille Bell

called Leslie

8-11-1899 to 4-10-1973



1884-Lois/Lou (female)

1887-Susan R (Culwell)

1889-Josie Myrtle (Strong)

1892-Clifton M

1894-James Hunter


Beulah Beatrice (Harwell)

1899-Addie Lee


Half-siblings by her father's second wife, Eda:




married 12-25-1922


Robert Leslie Sims

1-12-1892 to Jan. 1969



 Robert Bell Sims

 Rebecca Jane (Green)

photos of her husband are on his page


Rev. James A. Bell


Sarah Jane Tapley

spouse's parents:

John P. Sims


 Effie Ann Amos

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:



Found 1973 funeral home records for Lucille Bell Sims, born 8-11-1899 in Holly Spring, MS, d/o Rev. J.A. Bell & Sarah, died 4-10-1973 in Alamo TN. (Also found a 1962 record for her sister, Josie Myrtle Bell Strong, born 11-23-1889 in Poplar Springs, MS, d/o Rev. J.A. Bell & Sarah Jane, died 10-21-1962 in Alamo TN)

Crockett Times 1951 (NOTE: there are references to a sister of Lucille being Mrs. J.I. Harwell, Mrs. J.L. Harwell and Mrs. J.F. Harwell):

Dec. 20, 1951 Birthday Dinner--Mrs. Leslie Sims (Lucille Bell), assisted by Mrs. H.R. Culwell of Bells and Mrs. W.B. Strong (Josie Bell) of Alamo, entertained in the Sims home Saturday with a birthday dinner in honor of their sister, Mrs. J.L. Harwell* of Friendship. Those attending were Mr & Mrs H.D. Culwell (Susan Bell) of Bells, Mr & Mrs J.I. Harwell (Beatrice Bell) and Mr. Hunter (prob means Hunter Bell, her bro) of Friendship, and Mrs. W.B. Strong (Josie Bell) of Alamo.


Nov. 1, 1951 Birthday Dinner--Mrs J.F. Harwell of Friendship entertained with a birthday dinner Sunday for her sister, Mrs. H.D. Culwell (Susan) of Bells. Those present were Mr & Mrs C.R. Tucker and son Clifton of Meridan MS, Mr & Mrs Leslie Sims (Lucille) and son Bobby, Mrs. W.B. Strong (Josie) of Alamo and Mr & Mrs. H.D. Culwell (Susan) of Bells.


July 12, 1951 Bell Family Reunion--The annual reunion of the descendents of the late Rev. J.A. Bell was held at the home of Mr & Mrs J.I. Harwell (Beatrice) at Friendship on the 4th of July and was an enjoyable affair. Those attending were Mr & Mrs. H.D. Culwell (Susan Bell), Mrs. Tommie Moore & children, Mr Fred Leathers and family (Susan's daughter, Fern) of Bells; Mr Leslie Sims and family (Lucille) and Mrs. W.B. Strong (Josie) of Alamo; Hunter Bell and family of Friendship; Mr & Mrs Grady Littlejohn of Sherman MS; Mr Carey Littlejohn and family of Starkville MS; Mr & Mrs Bob Green and son of Alamo; Mrs Julian Moser and daughter, L & JH Littlejohn and family and Mr and Mrs Byron Culwell (Susan's son) of Memphis; Mr and Mrs Clifton Tucker and son of Meridian MS.


2-8-1933 Fred Leathers wed Fern Culwell in Crockett County. Fern d/o Susan Bell & Howard D. Culwell (Lucille's niece)

10-7-1932 J.I. Harwell married Beatrice Bell in Crockett County TN (Lucille's sister)


1930 census

Crockett County, Friendship town:

Leslie R. Sims, 37, married at 30, editor of newspaper.

Wife Lucille, 30, married at 23, born in MS of parents born in MS.

"Adopted daughter" Rebecca Jane, 2 years and 10 months, born in TN of parents born in TN.


Crockett County District 5:

Howard D. Culwell, age 44, married at 23, born MS, father born Ala, mother born MS, farmer

wife Susie, age 41, married at 20, MS-MS-MS

daughter Fern, age 17, born MS

daughter Minnie, age 14, born TN

son Byron, age 13, born TN (he's James Byron)

daughter Thelma, age 11, born TN

daughter Madge, age 5, born TN


Gibson County TN, Trenton town, College St.

Will B. Strong, age 60, married at 50, civil engineer in general practice, TN-TN-TN (see 1920 for variation)

wife Josie Strong, age 39, married at 29, MS-MS-MS

son William, age 11, TN-TN-MS

son Thomas, age 9, TN-TN-MS

lodger Clifton Bell, age 36, ass't agent--depot, MS-MS-MS (her brother)


12-22-1929 Addie Belle Culwell wed James Stephenson. Addie d/o Susan Bell & Howard D. Culwell (Lucille's niece)


1920 census

Crockett County TN, Friendship, Main Street

James A. Bell, age 59, preacher--protestant, born MS of parents born MS (this changes)

wife Eda (2nd wife), age 34, born MS of parents born MS

daughter Beatrice, age 23, teacher--high school, MS-MS-MS (she married J.I. Harwell 1932)

daughter Lucille, age 21, MS-MS-MS (she marries Leslie Sims 1922)

daughter Addie Lee, age 18 MS-MS-MS

son Graves Bell, age one year six months (census taken in January) born TN

daughter Mary Bell, age one year six months, born TN

(Just up the street is Friendship merchant L.B. Harwell & wife Alice. As far as I can tell he had no sons with the initial J)

(Note in 1930 census that Lucille's stepmother, Eda Bell & Graves are in DeSoto County MS where Eda is a teacher in public school. She has lost Graves' twin, Mary, and added Frances, a daughter one year younger than Graves, born in TN)


Crockett County District 11

Howard D. Culwell, age 31, farmer, MS-ALA-MS

wife Susie R, age 31, MS-MS-MS (think this is Lucille's sister)

daughter Addie B, age 9, born MS

daughter Fern, age 7, born MS

daughter Minnie L, age 5, born TN (actually last 3 kids listed accidentally as TN-TN-TN)

son James B, age 2, born TN

daughter Thelma, age maybe says 2 months (census taken in January) born TN

brother-in-law Hunter Bell, age 25, farm laborer, MS-MS-MS (Lucille's brother)

NOTE: marriage records show Addie Belle Culwell wed James Stephenson 12-22-1929 in Crockett County TN & Fern Culwell wed Fred Leathers 2-8-1933 in Crockett County TN)


Gibson County TN, district 2

William B. Strong, age 54, surveyor--land, TN-TN-TN (next census he says he's 60)

wife Josie M, age 30, MS-MS-MS

son William B, age one year and three months (census taken in Feb)

brother-in-law Clifton M. Bell, age 27, surveyor--land, MS-MS-MS


World War I Draft registration 1917-1918

Clifton McWorter Bell, born 10-7-1893 in New Albany MS, age 24, farming for Walt Bros (?) in Brazil TN, residing in Trenton TN. Single, with blue eyes and brown hair, of medium height and slender. On the line where the form asks, "Has person lost arm, leg, hand, foot or both eyes, or is he otherwise disabled (specify) the single word "eyes" is filled in.


Howard Donahue Culwell, born 7-6-1886 in Holly Springs, MS. Residing in Humboldt TN, self-employed farmer working in Dist. 5 Gibson County, of medium height and slender build with brown eyes and dark hair, with a wife and 4 children. On the line where one can claim exemption and explain why, the single word written there seems to be "ruptured."


Robert Leslie Sims of Friendship TN, born 1-2-1892 in Crockett Mills, TN. Occupation: editor & publisher, self employed in Friendship. Single, with gray eyes, black hair, tall and slender. Reason for exemption: support of father and mother



1910 census

Weakley County TN, Greenfield, Baker Street

James A. Bell, age 50, in 1st marriage 26 years, minister, born MS of parents born SC

wife Sarah J, age 50, m1 26 yrs, mother of 9 of whom 8 survive, born MS, father born GA, mother born MS

daughter Josie M, age 19, born MS

son Clifton M, age 17, born MS, laborer--odd jobs

son Hunter, age 15, born MS, laborer--odd jobs

daughter Beulah, age 13, born MS, laborer--odd jobs

daughter Lucille, age 10, born MS

daughter Addie Lee, age 8, born MS


Marshall County MS, Beat 1

Howard D. Culwell, age 23, married less than a year, farmer, MS-ALA-MS

wife Susie, age 22, mother of one, one living MS-MS-MS

daughter Addie Bell, 0 months (census taken in April), born MS


1900 census

Union County MS, Blue Springs (Poplar Springs Village)

James A. Bell, age 40, born March 1860, occupation: singing--Evangelicals (?), MS-SC-SC

wife Sarah J, age 40, born Feb 1860, mother of 8 of whom 7 survive, MS-GA-MS

daughter Lois?/Lou? E., age 16, born Jan 1884 in MS, at school

daughter Susan R, age 12, born Oct 1887 in MS, at school (believe she wed Howard D. Culwell in MS)

daughter Josie M, age 10, born Nov 1889 in MS, at school (wed W.B. Strong)

son Clifton M, age 7, born Oct 1892 in MS, at school

son James H, age 5, born Oct 1894 in MS

daughter "Bula" B, age 3, born Dec 1896 in MS

daughter Lucy M, nine months, born Aug 1899 in MS

Found marriage record for J.A. Bell & S.J. Tapley in Union County MS, 12-12-1882