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Edward F. Lift

1-31-1888 to Sept. 1974




  Louise Lift Pfleger


  George Lift






Lucy S. Parker

born April 1892




only aware of Warren

9-20-1920 to Sept. 1984


Joseph Lift



spouse's parents:

John Parker


Jennie Sayles

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:



His parents listed that they came to the US from Germany in 1881, Joseph later listing his birthplace as Bavaria.

If I have a photo of Edward Lift or any member of his family, it is not labeled as such (except his sister Louise and possible kin Walter Bahr--go to her page to see those photos). Best bets are below. Click to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again.

his sister Louise's wedding reception c. 1905--family members likely to be in the group, but who's who?

wedding of his sister's son, George, c. 1943. Three bridesmaids and groomsman 3rd from left unidentified

tombstone of his parents, St. Mary's cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL

Son of blacksmith Joseph Lift and wife Eva, both born in Germany (Joseph in Bavaria), Edward was still at his parents' house on 58th St. in the 1910 census, age 21 but with no profession listed. In the 1900 census, by the way, his birth is listed as Feb. 1889, which does not match anything else.

1918 draft card for Edward F. Lift of 7536 Lafayette Ave (matches 1920 and 1930 census) lists his birth as 1-31-1888 in Chicago. Looks like his profession is jewelry-something illegible for Huglet & Street, 223 W. 62nd St. Married.

1920 Chicago census on Lafayette Ave: Edward Lift, 30, occupation looks like foreman--manufacturing jewelry? Wife Lucy, 27, and mother-in-law Jennie Parker (more on the Parker and Sayles family below ), 61, widowed. Jennie and Lucy have sliding ancestry (compare to 1930 census below) because Lucy says she's born in IL, father born in IL and mother born in US. Jennie says she herself was born in Ohio, father in NY and mother in West Virginia.

1930 Chicago census, Lafayette Ave: Edward Lift, 41, married at 25, occupation: police for steam railroad. Wife Lucy, 38, married at 22, born in IL, her father from England now instead of NY, her mother from Ohio. Son Warren Lift, age 9, born in Illinois. Lucy's mother is still with them: Jennie Parker, 72, widowed, born in Ohio, father born in NY and mother now born in Pennsylvania instead of W. Virginia.

According to the Social Security Death Index, an Edward Lift who was born 1-31-1888 died in Sept. 1974. His last residence was Oak Forest, and his social security number was issued through the Railroad Board. Right birth day, right name, right state, and Edward's last profession in the census was for the steam railroad.

The Social Security Death index also has a Warren Lift, born 9-20-1920, died in Sept 1984, last residing in Oak Forest. Matches the son of Edward and Lucy, but might not be.


Lucy Parker, married Edward Lift, and is with him in the 1920 census, age 27, with her mother, Jennie, age 61, born in Ohio (father born in NY, mother born in West Virginia). In 1930 they are both still there, essentially echoing the same info. Based on that, the following appears to be Lucy's family in earlier censuses:

1910 Chicago: Jennnie W. Parker, widowed, 52, a dressmaker (from home), born in Ohio, father born NY, mother born West Virginia--an exact match. Daughter Lucy S., 18, born in IL, a stenographer for the railroad--exact match. Son Frank A., 13, born in Illinois.

1900, Chicago, West Town: Parker, John, born Jan. 1852, married at 22, born in England as were both his parents. Immigrated 1863. Occupation: clerk. Wife "Gennie," born Oct. 1857, married at 23, gave birth to six, all still living. Born in Ohio, father born in England (not NY), mother in Virginia (not West Virginia--though I'm wondering when West Virginia became a state). Children (all born in Illinois): John F. born Aug 1879, occupation: paper hanger; James W. born July 1881, occupation: clerk; Sarah born Oct. 1883, occupation clerk; Warren J. born Sept 1887; "Lusy" S. born April 1892; Frank A. born Feb 1897.

1880 census (1890 census destroyed by fire), Chicago, Dist 67, O'Brien Street: Parker, John H., 28, born in England of parents born in England, occupation: tailor. Wife Jennie Parker, 23, born in Ohio, father back to being born in NY, mother again born in Virginia. Son John Parker, ten months old, born in IL. But also in the house, listed as mother, but in fact mother-in-law: Sarah Sayles, 58, born in VA of parents born in VA, and also Lucy M. Sayles, 15, no relationship listed to head of house, born in IL, father born in NY, mother in VA.

1870 census, Chicago, Ward 8: Sarah Sayles, 49, born in Ohio, seamstress; Susan, 18, school teacher, born in Ohio (as are the rest of the daughters); Irene, 15, "at home" (as are the remaining girls); Jennie, 14 and Lucy, 5.

And that's as far back as I could go and be sure they're the same family.

Connection: Edward Lift's sister, Louise Lift Pfleger, was sister-in-law (and friend) of Irene Pfleger Wachdorf