Effingham 1945

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The photos of Harry H. Wachdorf on this page were in a little booklet. The other man, according to the photo labels, is Cliff Hazzard. The women are not neither named nor known. Cliff Hazzard and Harry are mentioned in this excerpt from the Southtown Economist newspaper 3-27-1946:

Party to Climax Work

of Independent Voters

Climaxing active campaigning throughout their district, members of the third congressional district Independent Voters league will hiold their first annual card party at 8 p.m. tomorrow in the Viking temple, 69th st and Emerald ave. Clifford Hazzard, 7441 Eggleston ave, is in charge of the event.

    Mr. Hazzard will be assisted by William K. Peak, 6823 Yale ave, Clyde McBride, 6130 Green st, Thomas Green, 410 W. Marquette rd, Mrs ertha Hunzinger, 7142 Lafayette ave, Marian Enlow, 7544 Stewart ave, and Harry Wachdorf, 5802 Princeton. (Note that the photo gallery Effingham 1945 features Harry, Cliff Hazzard, and an unknown woman.)


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Harry on an Effingham sidewalk, 1945

Harry Wachdorf and Cliff Hazzard

the label of the previous picture

Harry and maybe Cliff Hazzard again

Harry and two unknown women

Harry and unknown

Harry and unknown woman

cover of the booklet that contained all these photos