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some of the information on this page taken from family tree provided by Richard Pfleger. Dates for Mary and Edwin Enk taken from a family tree posted on Rootsweb by Shirley F. Martin

Photos on his wife's page, click here: Mary Wirtz  

Edwin Joseph Enk

1-6-1883/4 to 12-4-1957











Mary Wirtz

8-27-1882 to 10-2-1966



  1905-Marie Johanna

  1907-Charles Edwin

  1909-Eleanore Edith

  1911-Harry J

  c.1914-Oscar Vincent


  1919-Anthony John





John A. Enk


Johanna Bluecher

spouse's parents:

Hubert Wirtz


Mary Krump


maternal grandparents:

John Bluecher & Fredericka


paternal grandparents:

Bernard Enk & Lucia

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

Henry, Joseph, Mary, Hattie/Hulda, Anna, Lucy, Lizzie and one more girl (by their mother's obit they were Mrs. Edward Sellers, Mrs. Victor A. Peatty, Mrs. William A. Burns, Mrs. George E. Schaeffer, Mrs. Otto H. Wendt and Mrs. Joseph A. Thomas.)

In the 1850 census, Chicago, Ward 9, there is a Barney Enk, age 25, born in Germany, by himself


1870 census, Chicago Ward 9

Bernard "Eng", age 44, born in Prussia, iron moulder

Lucy Eng, age 37, born in Prussia, keeps house

John Eng, age 15, born in IL (as are all kids), tinsmith

Henry Eng, age 13, laborer

Joseph Eng, age 11, school

Mary Eng, age 6

Hattie Eng, age 4

Anna Eng, age 1


1880 census, Chicago District 84, Halsted Street

Note that the name is transcribed as Blenchard but is actually Bluecher acc. to email by Shirley Martin.

John Enk, age 25, born in IL, father born Westpahlia, mother born Prussia, works in notion store

wife Johanna, age 23, born in Mecklenburg of parents born in Mecklenburg

daughter Lena, ate 1, born in IL

son August, 4 months old, born in Feb in IL

father-in-law John "Blenchard", age 64, born in Mecklenburg of parents born in Mecklenburg

mother-in-law  "Ricker" (short for Fredericka acc. to Shirley Martin) "Blenchard", age 59

sister-in-law Lena "Blencherd", age 20, clerk in notion store


Bernard Enk, age 56, born in Wesphalia of parents born in Westphalia, profession looks like "moveder"??

wife Lucy, age 48, born in Prussia of parents born in Prussia

daughter Mary, age 17, born in IL, dressmaker

daughter Hulda, age 14, born in IL, hairdresser

daughter Annie, age 12, born in IL, at school

daughter Lucy, age 10, born in IL, at school

daughter Lizzie, age 8, born in IL, at school


1888 Chicago voter registration:

432 Halsted St, B. Enk, born Germany, resident of district 34 yrs, county 34 yrs, state 40 yrs, date of papers: 1856 through Cook County

432 Halsted St, J.A. Enk, born in IL, resident of district 30 years, county 33 years, state 33 years


1890 Chicago voter registration:

432 Halsted St., Bernard Enk, born in Germany, resident of district 34 yrs, county 34 yrs, state 40 (hmm). Papers 1856, court of Cook County

432 Halsted, Jns A. Enk, born IL, district 30 yrs, county 33, state 33 (hmm)

(in 1888 they were the only Enks on their page. In 1890 the page also has:

Adolph Enk of State St, born in Wisconsin

Adolph Enk of Cottage Grove Ave, born in Wisconsin

Chas. Enke of Lubbock St born in Germany, papers dated 3-16-1868 through Circuit Court of Waukesha, Wisconsin)


1900 census, Chicago, Halsted Street

J.A. Enk, age 45, born May 1855 in IL of parents born in Germany, married 22 years, occupation: tinner?

wife Johana, age 43, born Apr 1867 in Germany of parents born in Germany, mother of 6, all living, immig 1870

daughter Helena, age 20, born Aug 1879 in IL, no profession listed

son August, age 20, born Feb 1880, laborer (*note six month gap between kids, hmm)

son Joseph, age 18, born Jan 1882, electrician

son Edwin age 16, born Jan 1884, electrician

daughter Ida, age 14, born Apr 1886

daughter Lucy, age 11, born Aug 1888

boarder H. Blucher, male, age 24, born Mar 1876, single, born in Germany of German parents, immigr. 1892, laborer

(note that H. Blucher is almost certainly kin of Johanna Bluecher Enk)


4-19-1903 Chicago Tribune

Enk, Lucia

Beloved wife of Bernard and mother of John A, Henry, Joseph F. Enk, Mrs. Edward J. Sellers, Mrs. Victor A. Peatty, Mrs. William E. Burns, Mrs. George E. Schaeffer, Mrs. Otto H. Wendt, Mrs. Joseph A. Thomas, aged 70 years, five months, 15 days. Funeral Tuesday April 21 at 9:30 from late residence at 432 S. Halsted-st to St. Francis church, thence to St. Boniface Cemetery.


5-20-1905 Chicago Tribune

Death notices: Burial permits issued yesterday by health dept include:

Enk, John A., age 59? (blurry type), May 18, 5215 Halsted.


1910 census, Chicago Ward 30, Halsted Street

Johanna Enk, age 53, widow, mother of 6 of whom 5 are living, born in Germany, immig 1869

daughter Helena, age 32, single, clerk in dept store

daughter Ida J, age 23, operator--telephone

daughter Lucia P, age 19, bookkeeper--general office


1918 draft registration for WWI (note draft card years of birth vs 1900 census years of birth, hmm)

Edwin Joseph Enk, age 35, born 1-6-1883, residing at 5405 Shields, employed as mechanic by Oakland Motor Co of 2420 S. Michigan av, nearest relative: Mrs. Mary Enk of 5405 Shields. Of Medium height and medium build with brown eyes and black hair.


Joseph Frank Enk, age 33, born March 29, 1885, residing at 2626 W. 35th Pl, employed as a conductor by WJ Prindle (maybe NJ Prindle) of Penn Lines 59th St, nearest relative: Charlotte Enk of 2626 W. 35th. Of medium build and medium height (5'7 filled in) with blue eyes and brown hair.


1920 census, Chicago, Ward 29, Hanson St?

H.S. Martin, age 32, born in IL of parents born in Ireland, works in automobile repair shop, owns home with mortgage

wife Ida, age 32

daughter Dorothy, age 8

son Edwin, age 6

daughter Marian, age illegible

daughter Evelyn, age 2 years 7 months (census taken in January 1920)

son Joseph, age 6 months

mother-in-law Johanna Enk, age 62, immigrated 1869, naturalized 1878

sister-in-law Lucille Enk, age 29, single, bookkeeper--drugs


Also 1920, Chicago, 5405 S. Shields:

Hubert Wirtz, owns free of mortgage, age 68, born Saxony, immigrated 1874, naturalized in 1885, laborer in furniture industry

Wife Mary, 72, also born in Saxony, immigrated 1872, naturalized 1885

Grandson Carl, 11

Grandson Martin, 7

Son Arthur J. Wirtz, 28, assignment clerk for telephone co. Arthur? Assume that's actually Tony (Antonio)

Same house, renting, new head of household:

Edward Enk, age 36, automobile mechanic, born in IL, father born in Hanover

Wife Mary Enk, age 38

Daughter Marie Enk, age 14

Son Charles Enk, age 12

Daughter Eleanor Enk, age 10

Son Harry Enk, age 8

Son Oscar Enk, age 6

Son Joseph Enk, age 3 years 6 months

Son Anton Enk, 2 months (all children born in IL)


1930 census, S. Shields:

Hubert Wirtz now 79

Wife Mary, now 82

Also in the house (renting):

Edwin Enk, 46, general mechanic

Wife Mary, 47

Son Charles Enk, 23, electrician with Edison Company

Son Harry, 19, machine operator for (illegible)

Son Oscar, 16, errand boy for packers

Son Joseph, 13

Son Anthony, 10 (all children born in IL.)


Also 1930 census, Chicago District 726, W. 79th St.

Harry P. Martin, age 44, renting for $70/month, has radio, married at 24, born IL of Irish parents, insurance agent

wife Ida J, age 43, married at 23

daughter Dorothy J, age 18, stenographer in firm

son Edwin H, age 16, office boy in firm

daughter Marian L, age 14

daughter Evelyn M, age 12

son Joseph A, age 10

daughter Virginia I, age 8

son George C, age 5

son Robert E, age 2 yrs and 10 months (census taken in April)

mother-in-law Johanna Enk, age 72, widow, immigrated 1870


Chicago Tribune, May 31, 1935

Youth Shot by Cornered Robber Dies of Wounds

Joseph Enk, 19 years old, 5405 Shields avenue, who was wounded last Saturday when a cornered robber attempted to shoot his way out after a crowd had chased him into a basement at 5631 South La Salle street, died of his wound yesterday in St. Bernard's hospital. The youth was shot by Leonard Favaro, 21 years old, 6701 Blackstone avenue, after Favaro had robbed a nearby grocery. Favaro was captured by Sergt. Joseph Morrison of the detective bureau.