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Many thanks to Hubert's great-grandson, Richard, for information, and to his granddaughter, Eleanor, for identifications. Also thanks to Bob Grimm (great-great-grandson of Martin's Wirtz's brother Frederick), for info on Hubert Wirtz's family, parents, and grandparents (click here to see further source information).


Photo Gallery One, miscellaneous: pics

Photo Gallery Two, Golden anniversary party: Wirtz 50th

Paper Trail

census, church centennial book, 1888 voter registration, newspaper article, wife's obituary


section on his brother, George


Hubert/Herbert Wirtz

1-29-1852 to 4-1-1937


all born in











In the 1920 census, Hubert listed his birthplace not just as Germany, but as Saxony

married 7-12-1876

or 8-2-1876


Mary Krump

2-27-1848 to 8-3-1937



c.1878-Gertrude Wirtz (Wiedemann)


c.1879-Barbara (Sr. M. Louise O.S.F.)


1880-Annie Wirtz Pfleger


1882-Mary Wirtz (Enk)


1887-Charles Wirtz


1890-Tony Wirtz


And one child who did not



Martin Wirtz


Anna Katherina Haik

spouse's parents:

William Krump


Gertrude Simons

of Litzendorf, Germany

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Nicholas Wirtz & Anna Maria Becker

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

Frederich Wirtz


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To go to 2nd photo gallery of Golden Anniversary, click here: Wirtz 50th


Mary Krump Wirtz, I think

think it's Barbara Wirtz (Sr. M. Louise, OSF). Note the violin. Same kind of photo postcard as preceeding photo

The Wirtz house on Shields Ave, identified by a grandson of Annie Wirtz Pfleger

Mary and Hubert Wirtz with their children and the Pflegers. Next photo is same with labels

same as previous, with labels

April 1929 at 50th anniversary of John and Catherine Bornhofen. See below photo gallery for details

1-6-1934 at wedding of their grandson, Henry Pfleger (next shot is same gathering with everyone labeled)

same photo, identifications supplied by the bride fifty years after the fact. (Hubert & Mary #13 and #14)

Regarding Hubert & Mary Wirtz in group photo at Bornhofen's 50th anniversary: Hubert & Mary and three of their daughters are in the crowd, and I suspect (by the Wirtz-ian headgear) that even more relatives are there, just not identified as such. To see the photo with many of the people labeled, click here: Bornhofen's 50th. Because there are so many Wirtz family members in the crowd, I suspect some undiscovered connection between the Wirtz/Krump families and the Bornhofen/Utschig/Merten families. Otherwise Hubert and family are at the party for his son-in-law's brother's in-laws.

Source Info:

An email from Bob Grimm in June 2007 said, in part, "I am the great-great grandson of Frederick Wirtz (brother of Martin Wirtz). I had the name of Frederick's parents and was sure he had to be related to Martin's family in Chicago. In contacting Martin's family, they did not have his parents' info. We then discovered a marriage record for Martin showing her was married in Reuth, Germany on March 9, 1847, and also showed his parents as Nicholas Wirtz and Anna Maria Becker, the same as parents I show for my Frederick, confirming Frederick and Martin were, in fact, brothers."

Paper Trail

1880 census, Chicago:

"Herbert" Wirtz, age 27, born in Prussia, works for railroad.

Wife Mary Wirtz, age 31, born in Prussia.

Daughter Gertie, age 2, born in Illinois.

Daughter Barbara, age 1, born in Illinois.

Also in the household is Hubert's brother, George Wirtz, age 22, born in Prussia, works for railroad

The centennial booklet for St. Martin Church (59th and Princeton) lists among the families "ready to help establish the parish" in 1883 Ant. Wachdorf, Hub. Wirtz and Geo. Wirtz.

1888 Chicago voter registration has both "Herbert" Wirtz and his brother "Geo" on the same page. Hubert is listed as born in Germany, living at 5405 Tracy Avenue, a resident of the precinct for 4 yrs, of the state and county for 14 years. It says the date of his papers was 1885 and he was naturalized in the criminal court of Cook County.

1900 census, Chicago, 5405 Shields Ave:

"Hobart" Wirtz," age 48, born May 184-something, which doesn't jibe with age 48, but... married 23 years, immigrated 1876 (varies from census to census), naturalized, occupation looks like it says "farming."

Wife Mary, age 51, born Feb. 1849 in Germany, immigrated 1871 (also changes), mother of 7 of whom 6 are living.

Daughter Mary, age 17, born August, 1882.

Son Charles age 13, born May 1887

Son "Toney" age 9, born August 1890.

(All kids born in IL. Presume Gert, at 22, is already married and out, but where is Annie, age 20, who doesn't marry Oscar for 2 years? Where is 19-year-old Barbara?)


1910 census, Chicago, 5405 Shields:

Hubert Wirtz, 56, immigrated 1874, married at age 27, laborer for railroad

Wife Mary, 63, immigrated 1872, married at age 30, mother of seven of whom six are living

Son Antonio, 20, installer in telephone industry

Daughter Anna M. Pfleger

Son-in-law Oscar Pfleger (book keeper)

Grandson Herbert Pfleger

Grandson John Pfleger

Grandson Henry Pfleger

Also in the house, boarder Theodore Schuler.


1920 census, Chicago, 5405 S. Shields:

Hubert Wirtz, owns free of mortgage, age 68, born Saxony, immigrated 1874, naturalized in 1885, laborer in furniture industry

Wife Mary, 72, also born in Saxony, immigrated 1872, naturalized 1885

Grandson Carl, 11

Grandson Martin, 7

Son Arthur J. Wirtz, 28, assignment clerk for telephone co. (Arthur? Assume that's actually Tony (Antonio)

Same house, renting, new head of household:

Edward Enk, age 36, automobile mechanic, born in IL, father born in Hanover

Wife Mary Enk, age 38

Daughter Marie Enk, age 14

Son Charles Enk, age 12

Daughter Eleanor Enk, age 10

Son Harry Enk, age 8

Son Oscar Enk, age 6

Son Joseph Enk, age 3 years 6 months

Son Anton Enk, 2 months (all born in IL)

(assume that Carl and Martin are the sons of their son, Charles, who is living in the household of their daughter Gert with three of his five children, because his oldest was named Charles, which is Carl to a German.)


Article, Southtown Economist 7-28-1926

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wirtz To

Celebrate Golden Wedding

Fifty years ago August 2, St. Martin's Church, 59th st. and Princeton ave. was the scene of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wirtz.

    Monday it will again be the scene of their wedding, this time golden, to be observed at 9 o'clock in the morning with solemn high mass, celebrated by the Rev. Frank J. Schikowski.

    Following the mass a reception will be held at the home of a daughter, Mrs. E.H. Wiedeman, 6207 (might say 6297) Mozart st. Mr. and Mrs. Wirtz have lived at 5405 Shields ave. since their marriage 50 years ago. Other children are Mrs. O.S. Pfleger, 5648 Wells st., Mrs. E.J. Enk, 5405 Shields ave., Sister M. Louise, Milwaukee: A.G. Wirtz, Midlothian, and Charles Wirtz, 1283 Early ave. There are 17 grandchildren in the family as well.

    Music and a program will entertain the 130 friends and relatives who have been invited to the reception. 


1930 census, S. Shields:

Hubert Wirtz now 79

Wife Mary, now 82

Also in the house (renting):

"Edwin" Enk, 46, general mechanic

Wife Mary, 47

Son Charles Enk, 23, electrician with Edison Company

Son Harry, 19, machine operator for (illegible)

Son Oscar, 16, errand boy for packers

Son Joseph, 13

Son Anthony, 10 (all children born in IL.)

Hubert died 4-1-1937.

Obit 8-4-1937 (Chicago Daily Tribune) Mary Eleanor Wirtz, nee Crump, beloved wife of the late Hubert fond mother of Mrs. Gertrude Wiedemann, Sister M. Louise OSF, Mrs. Anna Pfleger, Mrs. Mary Enk, Charles J. and Anthony G. Funeral Friday from residence 5405 Shields ave. to St. Martin church. Interment St. Mary Cemetery.

connection: Hubert's daughter, Annie, was sister-in-law to Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

Hubert's brother, George:

1880 census, Chicago: George, age 22, born in Prussia, working for the railroad, is listed in the household of his brother Hubert and wife Mary and their daughters Gertie and Barbara.

The centennial booklet for St. Martin Church (59th and Princeton) lists among the families "ready to help establish the parish" in 1883 Ant. Wachdorf, Hub. Wirtz and Geo. Wirtz.

1888 Chicago voter registration has Geo Wirtz and "Herbert" Wirtz on the same page. Geo's address is 5234 School St. (his neighbor, also registering, is Robert Wilson formerly of Scotland, noted only because Hubert's granddaughter eventually marries a Wilson). Geo is listed as born in Germany, date of papers 1884, a resident of his precinct for 6 years, of the state and county for 13 years.

1900 census, Chicago, Southtown, Wallace St. (census taker with fine-point pen put full birth date for each):

Georg Wirtz, 41, born June 18, 1858, born Germany of German parents, immigrated 1877, married 18 yrs, saloon keeper

Wife Barbara, age 35, born Dec 12, 1864, married 18 yrs, born IL of Ger parents, mother of 9, eight living

Son Martin, age 17, born Mar 10, 1883 in IL, apprentice in (illegible) shop

Daughter Kate, age 15, born Jan/Jun 27, 1885 in IL

Daughter Annie, age 13, born Apr 10, 1887 in IL

Daughter Carrie, age 11, born Ja. 22, 1889 in IL

Daughter Mamie, age 9, born (illegible--maybe Dec?) 6, 1890, in IL

Daughter Ella, age 7, born Aug 9, 1892 in IL

Son, Georg , age 4, born July 4, 1895, in IL

Daughter Gertrude, age 1, born Mar/May 17 1899 in IL


1910 census, Chicago, Ward 5:

George Wirtz, age 51, born in Germany, in 1st marriage 27 years, teamster in the carriage industry

Wife Barbara, age 45, born in IL of German parents, mother of 9, only 7 living (lost a child since 1900)

Daughter Ella, age 17, occupation looks like sales lady in charge accounts

Son George Wirtz Jr., age 14

Daughter Gertrude Wirtz, age 11

Daughter Carrie Schaefer, age 21, in first marriage for 3 years, mother of one, one living

Grandson George Schaefer, age 2, born in IL

Son-in-law John Schaefer, age 23 (born in IL, father born in Germany, mother in PA), helper--boiler maker


1920 census, Chicago, Ward 5, Le Mott St.:

Schaefer, John, age 38, born in IL of a father from Ger and mother from PA, foreman--freight house

Wife Carrie, age 34 IL-Ger-IL

Son George, 11

Son James, 7

(Gertrude & Lawrence Walsh and daughter Bernice, boarders)

Father-in-law George Wirtz, age 61, immigrated 1875, naturalized 1895

Mother-in-law Barbara Wirtz, age 55, born in IL of German parents


Found an obituary from the Chicago Tribune dated 12-27-1908: Katherine Classen, 12-25-1908, at her home 188 W. 17th St., wife of the late Mathias Classen, aged 72 years 11 months, beloved mother of Mrs. George Wirtz, Herbert Classen & Mrs. Joseph Hahn (mass at St. Francis, burial at St. Boniface etc) Milwaukee papers please copy.

connection: George's niece, Annie Wirtz Pfleger, was sister-in-law to Irene Pfleger Wachdorf