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Many thanks to her grandson Richard & her daughter Eleanor for their help.


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References to Annie or her family from 1932 letters quoted at the bottom of this page. Also mentioned in letter 1956 Oct 18 Irene (a reminiscence about the Sunday Evening Club, for playing pinochle)

Paper Trail

census, sister-in-law's address book, articles, husband's obituary, etc


Annie M. Wirtz Pfleger

12-6-1880 to 2-4-1958



c.1878-Gertrude Wirtz (Wiedemann)


c.1879-Barbara (Sr. M. Louise O.S.F.)


1882-Mary Wirtz (Enk)


1887-Charles Wirtz


1890-Tony Wirtz


And one child who did not



married 10-29-1902

St. Martin's Church, Chicago


Oscar Pfleger

8-15-1880 to 12-18-1932










Hubert Wirtz


Mary Krump

spouse's parents:

Johann Pfleger


Maria Grimm


maternal grandparents:

William Krump & Gertrude Simons


paternal grandparents:

Martin Wirtz & unknown


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

George Wirtz & Barbara (on Hubert Wirtz page)

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Annie on the left

As we are in old St. Joe (tintype)

labeled in pencil on the back, "Miss Anna Wertz Sept 6 1902" and then has added, "married 10-29-1902 St. Martin Church."

Oscar Pfleger and Annie Wirtz Pfleger 10-29-1902

Mary Wirtz (Enk), Annie, Henry Pfleger, Dell Pfleger, unknown man, Oscar Pfleger seated, children unknown

Annie, but with which baby?

Annie, her husband, her parents and his mother etc. Next photo is same, with labels added

Same as previous, with labels

April 1929, 50th anniversary of her brother-in-law Lou's in-laws, yet Annie, her sisters, her parents in the crowd. See below gallery for more info

Annie between her kids on the curb. Next shot is same with labels

same as previous, labeled

From left, back: Sis Wachdorf, Eleanor, Ed Wachdorf Jr. Front: Emil Wiedemann?, Dell Wachdorf, Annie, Oscar, Harry Wachdorf

Annie and Oscar

1-6-1934 her son Henry's wedding (next shot is same photo, but with everyone labeled)

labeled version of previous. Annie is #40

same occasion and group, slightly less blurry shot

from right: her sister-in-law Dell Pfleger Wachdorf, Dell's aunt Kittie Grimm, Annie, her son Edward, Dell's husband Harry Wachdorf

Annie's obit 2-7-1958

Oscar and Annie's tombstone, St. Mary's cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL

To see the photo of Annie, her husband, daughter, parents sisters etc in the crowd at her the 50th anniversary gathering for Katherine Merten Bornhofen in April, 1929, with as many people labeled as possible (so far) click here: Bornhofen's 50th . Because so many Wirtz family members are in the crowd at a party for Annie's brother-in-law's in-laws, I suspect there is another conection between the Krump and Wirtz families and the Merten/Bornhofen/Utschig families.


"Aunt Annie" was a great favorite of her Wachdorf niece and nephews. Harry, Jerry and Dolores all remembered her fondly as very warm and loving, though none could give a specific story, just the general impression that she was a sweetheart.


Paper Trail


Annie never appears in the census in her parents' household (see Hubert Wirtz page) presumably because she was born too late for the 1880 census, but where she is in the 1900 census I do not know.


10-29-1902: married in St. Martin's Church to Oscar Stephen Pfleger


1906: her husband unsuccessfully ran for the office of Clerk of the Criminal Court (see photo gallery on his page).


1910 census, 5405 S. Shields, (in the same house as and renting from her father Hubert Wirtz):

Oscar S. Pfleger, 30 born Michigan of parents born in Ohio (wrong), married 7 years, occupation: book keeper--office

Wife Anna M., 29, born in IL, mother of 3 children of whom 3 are alive

Son Herbert C.C., age 6

Son John O., age 3

Son Henry S., age 1 (all born in IL.)

The calendar in which her sister-in-law wrote down information about her children's births from 1913 until 1929 has Oscar listed in the address section at 367 W. 58th st. phone Went 384(last digit unclear). This may mean in 1913 they lived at 367 W. 58th st.

12-4-1915 her eleven year old son Herbert was struck by an egg truck and killed 3 weeks before Christmas. See articles on his page.

1918 draft registration: Oscar Stephen Pfleger of 5648 Wells, age38, born Aug. 15, 1880. Occupation: converter. Employers name: Loewenthal Farber illegible of 321 W. Jackson Blvd (on his death certif. his occupation was manager--mattress converter). Nearest relative: wife Mrs. Anna M. Pfleger. (Four days after he registered for the draft their daughter Eleanor was born.)

1920 census, 5648 Wells St.:

Oscar Pfleger, age 39, born in MI but says mother born in PA (wrong), occupation: manager--mattress factory

Wife Anna, age 39 (other info same as 1910, with question of how many children no longer asked)

Son John 13

Son Henry 11

Son Louis 8

Son Edward 5

Daughter Eleanor 1 (all born in IL).


Article, Southtown Economist 7-28-1926

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wirtz To

Celebrate Golden Wedding

Fifty years ago August 2, St. Martin's Church, 59th st. and Princeton ave. was the scene of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wirtz.

    Monday it will again be the scene of their wedding, this time golden, to be observed at 9 o'clock in the morning with solemn high mass, celebrated by the Rev. Frank J. Schikowski.

    Following the mass a reception will be held at the home of a daughter, Mrs. E.H. Wiedeman, 6207 (might say 6297) Mozart st. Mr. and Mrs. Wirtz have lived at 5405 Shields ave. since their marriage 50 years ago. Other children are Mrs. O.S. Pfleger, 5648 Wells st., Mrs. E.J. Enk, 5405 Shields ave., Sister M. Louise, Milwaukee: A.G. Wirtz, Midlothian, and Charles Wirtz, 1283 Early ave. There are 17 grandchildren in the family as well.

    Music and a program will entertain the 130 friends and relatives who have been invited to the reception. 

10-3-1927 her 20-year-old son John broke his neck playing football and died. See articles on his page.

1930 census, 5648 S. Wells:

Oscar Pfleger (owns home, value $6000, has radio) age 49, mother born in Germany, office manager--mattress supply co.

Wife Anna, 49 (other info same as 1910 & 1920)

Son Henry, 20, shopman for automobile company

Son Louis, 18, office work for coal company

Son Edward, 15

Daughter Eleanor, 11 (all born in IL).


Oscar's death certificate

dated 12-18-1932  born 8-15-1880 Jackson MI, was residing at 5648 S. Wells. Occupation: manager/mattress converter, employer A. Brandisein (?). Father: John Pfleger of unknown Germany, mother: Maria Grimm of Ohio. Informant: Henry J. Pfleger of 5648 S. Wells (his son, not his brother). Physician attended from 9-30 to 12-18, last saw alive Dec. 17 at 1 a.m. Cause of death: organic heart disease, duration 5 years.Contributing: arteriosclerosis, duration 5 years.


10-13-1932 by her sister-in-law Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter: "Christine and Genevieve were here for lunch today and can you imagine just as we were sitting down to eat who should drop in but Edward Pfleger and Edward Wachdorf Jr. (Oh yes, I forgot to tell you Edward is working with Edward Pfleger again for a while)... of course you know Edward knew the girls would be here and Uncle Oscar is away for a few days with the boss so it was fine coming home for dinner..." (This is the only mention of her family in the letter, but to read full text, click here: 10-13-1932 Irene)

11-4-1932 from her husband's nephew, Harry Wachdorf, to his niece: "If you ever discover any bugs or interesting insects out there save them for me. I found a queer looking bug on Aunt Annie's oleander bush last Tuesday and when I brought it to school discovered that it was only a grass cricket." (This is the only mention of Annie in the letter, but to read full text click here: 11-4-1932 Harry)

Connection: her sisters-in-law were Irene Pfleger Wachdorf and Dell Pfleger Wachdorf