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some of the information on this page taken from family tree provided by Richard Pfleger


Photo Gallery One, miscellaneous Charles shots: pics

Photo Gallery Two, his parents' golden anniversary (he does not appear to be there): Wirtz 50th

Paper Trail

census, WWI draft registration, article, Social Security Death Index


Charles Wirtz

born 5-28-1886/87 to 1-29-1966



c.1878-Gertrude Wirtz (Wiedemann)


c.1879-Barbara (Sr. M. Louise O.S.F.)


1880-Annie Wirtz (Pfleger)


1882-Mary Wirtz (Enk)


1890-Tony Wirtz


And one child who did not
















Social Security Death Index

shows Charles Wirtz last address as Brainerd, MN.

The MN death index

gives his birth year as

1886 instead of 1887

and the death date as


in Sherburne, MN

Presuming it's the right

Charles Wirtz


Hubert Wirtz


Mary Krump

Gertrude appears to have

remarried to

Joseph Householder;

they were in Berwyn in 1930

maternal grandparents:

William Krump & Gertrude Simons


paternal grandparents:

Martin Wirtz & unknown


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

George Wirtz & Barbara (on Hubert Wirtz page)

Click on any image to enlarge. Once enlarged, to zoom, move cursor to right of image, back onto image, and click again. Note: it's quite possible that the person I keep labeling as Charles Wirtz is actually Edwin Enk, his brother-in-law.

Think it's Charles, back row, far right. Next photo is same with labels added

same as previous, labeled

1924. Next photo is same with labels added

same as previous with labels

adults are Gert, Mary, Barbara (Sr. M. Louise), Annie and Tony behind their parents--only Charles missing. Fuller caption on Hubert Wirtz page.

Paper Trail


1900 census, Chicago, 5405 Shields Ave:

"Hobart" Wirtz," age 48, born May 184-something, which doesn't jibe with age 48, but... married 23 years, immigrated 1876 (varies from census to census), naturalized, occupation looks like it says "farming."

Wife Mary, age 51, born Feb. 1849 in Germany, immigrated 1871 (also changes), mother of 7 of whom 6 are living.

Daughter Mary, age 17, born August, 1882.

Son Charles age 13, born May 1887

Son "Toney" age 9, born August 1890.


1910 census, Chicago, Ward 24, Racine Avenue:

Charles Wirtz, age 22, occupation: inspector in electrical industry

Wife Gertrude, age 22, born in Pennsylvania (as were her parents), mother of one child

Son Charles Wirtz, nine months old.

1917 draft registration for Charles Joseph Wirtz lists his home address as 480-something 5th Ave. Born 5-28-1887 in Chicago. Occupation: repairman for Commonwealth Edison. Reason for exemption: support of wife and five children.

1920 census, Chicago, Ward 34, 2423 S. Springfield:

(in household of his sister Gert and her husband, Emil H. Wiedemann, age 39, foreman in structural steel construction)

Brother-in-law Charles J. Wirtz, age 32, married (not widowed), electrical repair man for Edison (illegible) company

Niece Marie, 9

Niece Louise, 5

Niece Helen, 3 years and 3 months. The children's mother was born in Pennsylvania.

(In the same census, his parents have in their household (listed as their grandsons):

Carl Wirtz, age 11

Martin Wirtz, age 7, listed as grandsons


Article, Southtown Economist 7-28-1926

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wirtz To

Celebrate Golden Wedding

Fifty years ago August 2, St. Martin's Church, 59th st. and Princeton ave. was the scene of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wirtz.

    Monday it will again be the scene of their wedding, this time golden, to be observed at 9 o'clock in the morning with solemn high mass, celebrated by the Rev. Frank J. Schikowski.

    Following the mass a reception will be held at the home of a daughter, Mrs. E.H. Wiedeman, 6207 (might say 6297) Mozart st. Mr. and Mrs. Wirtz have lived at 5405 Shields ave. since their marriage 50 years ago. Other children are Mrs. O.S. Pfleger, 5648 Wells st., Mrs. E.J. Enk, 5405 Shields ave., Sister M. Louise, Milwaukee: A.G. Wirtz, Midlothian, and Charles Wirtz, 1283 Early ave. There are 17 grandchildren in the family as well.

    Music and a program will entertain the 130 friends and relatives who have been invited to the reception. 


1930 census, Berwyn, IL, Wesley Ave (tracking the children, can't find Charles):

Joseph Householder, age 46, married 38, born IL of parents born in PA, ice dealer in own business

Wife Gertrude, age 42, married 19, born in PA of parents born in PA

Daughter Rita, age 8

Son Clifford, age 5

Stepson Carl Wirtz, age 22, born in IL of father born in IL and mother in PA, laborer--radio

Stepson Martin Wirtz, age 17, same birth info, apprentice--optical

Stepdaughter Louise Wirtz, age 15

Stepdaughter Helen Wirtz, age 13

(NOTE: ran him down a little in other records. Joseph Clifford Householder, not really of parents born in PA, listed his profession on his draft registration as Ice wagon driver, next of kin "Louise" Householder. 1920 census has Clifford Householder, born the right year, driving an ice wagon, living with parents Louis & Carrie, both in their 70s and both from VA. And Clifford is listed as married, though no spouse is with him.)

Social Security Death Index: Charles Wirtz born 5-28-1887, died January 1966 in Brainerd Co. Minnesota. NOTE: Brainerd was, for a while, the place to go if you had TB. 

connection: Charles' sister, Annie Wirtz Pfleger, was sister-in-law to Irene Pfleger Wachdorf