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Photo Gallery One, miscellaneous Henry photos: pics

Photo Gallery Two, his grandparents' golden anniversary: Wirtz 50th


Paper Trail (1926 ref in his aunt's calendar, 1941 newspaper article, his wife's obituary)


Henry John Pfleger

6-29-1909 Chicago to 8-8-1974 Florida









married 1-6-1934


Margaret Rose Swan

1-2-1906 to 7-12-2004




current generations not listed to protect their privacy



Oscar Pfleger


Annie Wirtz


spouse's parents:

Thomas Swan


Julia Hunt

d/o Patrick & Mary Hunt

maternal grandparents:

Hubert Wirtz and Mary Krump


paternal grandparents:

Johann/John Pfleger and Maria Grimm

maternal aunts & uncles:

Gertrude Wirtz & Emil Wiedemann, Barbara (Sr. M. Louise), Mary Wirtz & Edwin Enk, Charles Wirtz, Tony Wirtz


paternal aunts & uncles:

c. 1878-Henry Pfleger & Louise Lift; 1883-Lou Pfleger & Gert Bornhofen; c.1885-Dell Pfleger & Harry Wachdorf; 1888-Irene Pfleger & Edward Wachdorf


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clockwise from left: his brother Ed, his father Oscar, Henry Pfleger, his uncle Harry Wachdorf, his sister Eleanor

1-6-1934 Henry's wedding. Next shot is same photo with labels

labels provided by the bride in the 1990s.

1-6-1934 less blurry shot of same group

the bride and the groom dancing

Henry, I think, and his uncle Edward Wachdorf (husband of his father's sister)

Henry's wife Margaret, I think, and Henry's aunt Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

his children (names of current generations withheld)

Henry's daughter and son (who traced the Pfleger line back to the 1600s when he grew up--the tree posted on this site is thanks to him)

Paper Trail

1926 his aunt Irene wrote down in her baby calendar that "Henry J. Pfleger Jr." became the godfather of her son Larry Wachdorf. The godmother was Madge Wachdorf, her husband's sister.


2-5-1941 Southtown Economist: Mr & Mrs. Henry Pfleger, 7018 Carpenter st., celebrated the 6th birthday of their son *** recently with a dinner party in their home. Guests were Mr. & Mrs. B.L. Riardon, and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kasak and their children, Patsy and Richard, of Lemont; Mrs. Anna Pfleger, 5648 S. Wells st.; Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pfleger, 6019 Normal blvd.; Mr & Mrs. Robert Wilson and their son ***, 5648 Wells st.; Mrs. Mary Swan, 7018 Carpenter st.; and Mrs. Catherine Murphy, 6950 Elizabeth st. (Note that Mary Swan is living with them.)


His wife's obituary:

Miami Herald 7-16-2004: Margaret Rose Pfleger, 98, of Vero Beach died Monday, July 12, 2004 at Indian River Memorial Hospital after a sudden illness. Mrs. Pfleger was born January 2, 1906 in Lemont, IL and moved to Vero Beach 23 years ago, coming here from Miami, FL. She was  homemaker. She was a member of St. John of the Cross Catholic Church and was very active in the Vero Beach community, volunteering for St. Helen Catholic Church, St. John of the Cross Catholic Church, St. John of the Cross Women's Club, Our Father's Kitchen and the Village Green Kitchen Band. She is predeceased by her husband of 40 years, Henry J. Pfleger. Surviving her are ***(omitted to protect privacy); twelve grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the St. John of the Cross Building Fund...Interment at Southern Memorial Park.

Connection: his paternal aunt was Irene Pfleger Wachdorf