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I was sent a detailed Warmath genealogy in 1998 by Connie Lane, descendent of the Chesterfield Warmath line. She sent it with the note, "The Rosamon info came from Barbara Morgan and the Warmath info from John Warmath (except my branch)." The information that follows comes from her tree, though I will try to back it up by looking up and adding any official records I can find.

 Hattie McLeary Warmath Robinson

born 8-18-1892 Gibson County, died Chattanooga



1896-Andrew Chesterfield Warmath

1900-Perry James Warmath

1900-Nell Jane Warmath Lane

1909-Julius Lipscomb Warmath

married 12-26-1911 

in Humboldt, Gibson County TN


John Stephen Robinson




1912-Thomas Stephen Robinson

1914-Nell Ambrozine Robinson (Gray)

1916-Maggie Maureen Robinson (Commander)


Thomas Chesterfield Warmath


 Maggie Ambrozine McLeary

spouse's parents:

 Stephen Robinson


 Emma Judson

maternal grandparents:

Andrew McLeary & Elizabeth


Curry McLeary & Elizabeth Hamilton


paternal grandparents:

Chesterfield Warmath & Mary J Rosamon

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

1859-John H Warmath; 1861-Jim W Warmath; 1862-William M Warmath (died 1863); 1864-Harriet Della Warmath Hefley; 1868-Mary Ella Warmath Chambers; 1870-Lucinda Elizabeth Warmath Cathey; 2-28-1873-Joseph Frank Warmath; 1876-Charlie Day Warmath; 1880-Marvin Warmath