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I was sent a detailed Warmath genealogy in 1998 by Connie Lane, descendent of the Chesterfield Warmath line. She sent it with the note, "The Rosamon info came from Barbara Morgan and the Warmath info from John Warmath (except my branch)." The information that follows comes from her tree, though I will try to back it up by looking up and adding any official records I can find. Anything in italics in this top section was added based on further research, and was not in Connie Lane's original tree.

 Charlie Day Warmath

born 4-4-1876



1859-John H Warmath

1861-Jim W Warmath

1862-William M Warmath (died 1863)

1864-Harriet Della Warmath Hefley

1866-Thomas Chesterfield Warmath

1868-Mary Ella Warmath Chambers

1870-Lucinda Elizabeth Warmath Cathey

2-28-1873-Joseph Frank Warmath

1880-Marvin Warmath

married 12-10-1899 


Georgia Woodard

born c. 1881



1-15-1902 Marion F. (wed Mary Matthews. Died Dec. 1892)


4-30-1905 Millard B (wed Margaret Williams)


5-24-1907 Chester Warmath

(married Gertie. Died March 1977)


9-8-1909 Charles (married Virginia Roberts. Died June 1979, Jackson TN)


Chesterfield Warmath


 Mary J Rosamon

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

John D. Rosamon & Elizabeth Hefley

paternal grandparents:

Henry Warmath & Elizabeth Fly

maternal aunts & uncles:

1829-Henry C Rosamon; c.1831-Margaret Rosamon (Henderson); c.1833-Nancy Rosamon (Bell); c. 1835-Julia Ann Rosamon (Smith); c. 1839-George M Rosamon; 1842-John Wesley Rosamon; 1844-LDH (boy) died 1845; 1846-Ruthy Lucinda Rosamon (Warren); c. 1849-Sarah Rosamon (Avery)


paternal aunts & uncles:

1827-Micajah Washington Warmath; 1828-Sarah Alcenia Warmath Lewis; 1830-Thomas Dixon Warmath; 1832-Henry H Warmath; 1834-John Wesley Warmath 1834; c.1836-William James Warmath; 1840-Mary Elizabeth Warmath Rosamon; 1842-Julius Joseph Warmath; 1846-Robert H Warmath


Information beyond this point was not included in Connie Lane's tree.

1918 draft registration: Charlie Day Warmath, of RFD 7, Jackson, TN, born 4-4-1876. Farmer, employed by Jim Warmath of RFD 7. Next of kin: Mrs. Georgia Warmath of RFD 7. Tall and stout with brown eyes and dark hair.

1920 census, Madison County TN, Civil District 3: Charlie D. Warmath, age 43, born in TN of parents born in TN, farmer. Wife Georgie, age 39, born in TN of parents born in TN. Son Marion F, age 18. Son Millard (initial looks like S), age 14. Con Chester M, age 12. Son Charles R, age 10 (census taker actually wrote the name as "Chals," which is phonetic southern for Charles). Next household: James M/W Warmath (looks like a cursive M, but given that Charlie had a brother Jim W who would've been 59, it must be a W), age 59, born in TN of parents born in TN, farmer. Wife Maud C., age illegible (second digit is 2), born in TN of parents born in TN. Daughter Mary J, age 3 years 11 months. Daughter Ella F, age 1 year 4 months.