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This information comes from Nell Murchison, Jean Murchison, Connie Lane, Martha Avery Molly (Mullins) Hoffman and Mrs. CC James, Crockett Co. TN Historian.


John D. Rosamon

9-6-1807 Lincoln Co NC to 9-4-1861 Madison Co TN





married 3-1-1829

Chester Distirct SC


Elizabeth Hefley


first 3 born SC


1829-Henry C Rosamon

c.1831-Margaret Rosamon (Henderson)

c.1833-Nancy Rosamon (Bell)

c. 1835-Julia Ann Rosamon (Smith)

1838-Mary J Rosamon (Warmath)

c. 1839-George M Rosamon

1842-John Wesley Rosamon

1844-LDH (boy) died 1845

1846-Ruthy Lucinda Rosamon (Warren)

c.1849-Sarah Rosamon (Avery)



Henry Rosamon


 Nancy Rowe or Ann Clark

spouse's parents:

Michael Hefley


Peggy Hamilton


maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

Robert Rosamon & Katherine Forney

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:




1810 census Lincoln County NC

Henry Rosamon household

3 males under 10 (one might be John)

1 male 26-44

1 female under 10

1 female 26-44

nearby households include Elizabeth & Lareny(?) Rosamon, both widows apparently


1840 census, Madison County TN

John "Roseman"

1 male under 5 (George)

1 male 10-15 (Henry)

1 male 30-40 (John)

1 female under 5 (Mary)

2 females 5-10 (Julia & Nancy)

1 female 10-15 (Margaret)

1 female 30-40 (Elizabeth)


1850 Census, Madison Co. TN (Now Crockett Co), Dist. 9:

John "Roseman," age 43, farmer, estate value $1000, born in NC.

Elizabeth, 42, born in SC.

Henry C., 20, born in SC

Margaret, 19, born SC.

Nancy, 17, born SC

Julia Ann, 15, born TN

Mary J, 13, born TN

George M, 11, born TN

John W., 8, born TN

Ruthy L, 5, born TN

Sarah N., 1, born TN.

By the births of the children, the Rosamon family must've moved to TN between 1833 and 1835.


1860 census, Madison Co. TN (Now Crockett), Dist. 18:

Jno D. "Rosamond," age 52, born in NC, farmer.

Lizzie, age 52, born in NC.

Julia, age 25, born in NC.

John, age 18, born in NC.

Lou, age 16, born in TN.

Sarah, age 10, born in TN.

Lou must be Ruthy Lucinda. The birth states of the wife and first two children were given as SC, not NC in the previous census.

In the chart below, those who marry each other are in matching colors of ink (not counting black). Harriet Della Warmath (Hefley), in red, is listed only under her father, though she is also the daughter of Sarah J. Rosamon (Warmath), in blue.