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This information comes from Nell Murchison, Jean Murchison, Connie Lane, Martha Avery Molly (Mullins) Hoffman and Mrs. CC James, Crockett Co. TN Historian.

Henry Rosamon

4-3-1787 to 5-4-1828 Lincoln Co NC



  Jacob (spouse Mary)

  Amy (born & died 1787)

perhaps married 5-4-1802


Ann Clark

died 1810

or 1911 Who's Who in TN listed his wife as

Nancy Rowe







 John D. Rosamon



Robert Rosamon


Katherine Forney


spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:

Jacob Forney & ?

paternal grandparents:

Johann Jacob Rosenmann & ?

maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:

Conrad, David, George and Jacob (unverified)



Trying to find Rosamons in Lincoln Co NC


1790 census, looked through all of Martin (as posted on ancestry.com) and found only

Jacob Rosmond (Robert's brother & Henry's uncle?)

1 male above 16

2 males under 16

4 females

no slaves

(also found Jacob Forney household, 1 male above 16, 1 female, 5 slaves

and Peter Fornay household, 8 males above 16, 2 males under 16, 3 females, 4 slaves)


1800 census Lincoln County NC

Isaac Rosamon household

2 males 10-15

3 males 16-25

1 male above 45

1 female under 10

1 female 10-15

1 female above 45

next door to Jacob Rosamon household

1 male under 10

1 male 16-25

1 male above 45

2 females under 10

1 female 16-25

1 female above 45


1810 census Lincoln County NC

Lareny(?) Rosamon household

1 male 26-44

2 females 16-25

1 female above 45

one household away is Henry Rosamon household

3 males under 10 (possibly one is John D)

1 male 26-44

1 female under 10

1 female 26-44

next household is Elizabeth Rosamon household

3 males under 10

1 female 26-44


1820 census, Lincoln County NC, east of South Fork of Catawba River

Jacob Rosamon household

1 male 26-45 (Jacob)

1 female 26-45 (his wife)

a few households away is Mary Rosamon household

2 males 10-16

1 male 16-18

1 male 16-26

3 females under 10

1 female 10-16

1 female 26-45 (Mary)


1830 census, Lincoln NC

Jacob Rosamon household

1 male 20-30

1 male 40-50

1 female 50-60


Tentative ancestry sent by Connie Lane gives these further generations:

Robert Rosamon born 5-8-1754 in Philadelphia Co, PA, died 4-17-1787 Lincoln Co NC

parents: Johann Jacob Rosenmann born Alsace-Palatinate, moved to PA, then NC, wife unknown

siblings: Conrad, David (fought in Revolution), George, Jacob

spouse: married on 6-2-1782 to Katherine Forney, daughter of Jacob Forney

children: Jacob (wife's name Mary), Amy (born and died 1787), Henry (at the top of this page)

Connie Lane also noted: Robert's father, Johann Jacob, was a Huguenot who emigrated to PA in 1737 and had moved to Rowan Co. NC by the time of the American Revolution. Robert lived in VA at one time. Enlisted in Philadelphia in Col. Theodoric Bland's Virginia Regiment, 5th troop, and served in the Am. Rev. Also in Light Horse Harry Lee's Partisan Corps.

Robert's brother, George (wife's name maybe Elizabeth), is shown in the 1790 census with three sons and two daughters. One son was Henry "Roseman" born 4-11-1790, married Salome Lorets in Rowan County, NC