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Michael Hefley

born c. 1770-80, died in SC






Margaret "Peggy" Hamilton

born c.1774 SC, died Gibson Co TN



(first 4 born in SC)

  1801-Mary Hefley Dunlap

  1804-Nancy Hefley Letsinger

  1806-Sarah Hefley Carter

  1808-Elizabeth Hefley


  1811-William Hefley

  c.1813-James Hefley

  1816-Henry Hefley




spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:


maternal aunts & uncles:


paternal aunts & uncles:


1810 census, Chester District, SC

 Michael Hefley

1 male 26-45 (Michael)

1 female 26-45 (Peggy)

4 females under 10 (Mary, Nancy, Sarah, Elizabeth)


1820 census, Chester District SC

Mich'l Hefley

3 males under 10 (William, James & Henry)

1 male 26-45 (Michael)

1 female under 10 (see below)

3 females 10-16 (see below)

1 female 26-45 (Peggy)

daughters should've been Mary-19, Nancy-16, Sarah-14, Elizabeth-12. It's possible the three 10-16 are Nancy, Sarah and Elizabeth, with Mary out of the household already, and some girl who did not survive in the under 10 category, or it's just census error)


1830 census, Chester County SC

 M Hefley

1 male age 50-60

1 female age 50-60

1 male 10-15 (Henry)

2 males 15-20 (William, James)


1860 census, Gibson County TN, District 16

H. Hefley, age 42, $2500/$2500, born SC, farmer

James, age 12, born TN

Emily, age 8

Frances (female), age 7

Franklin, age 6

Wm, age 5

Margrett Hefley, age 86, born SC

Michael Hefley had among his children Henry William Hefley and Elizabeth. Elizabeth married John D. Rosamon. To simplify a portion of what happens next, I have put matching colors on the people who marry each other.

        Elizabeth Hefley Rosamon ---siblings--- Henry Wm Hefley                               Henry Warmath

               her children incl                            one son was                                     whose children included 

 Sally (Avery), John Wesley, & Mary J          William Rufus Hefley      John Wesley Warmath, Mary Eliz Warmath, & Chesterfield Warmath

Sally's dau=Laura Avery                                                                   JW's son=Albert Sidney "Sid" Warmath   Ches' dau=Harriet Della Warmath

In other words, Michael Hefley's grandchildren married a son, a daughter and a granddaughter of Henry Warmath, and then one of Michael Hefley's great granddaughters married a grandson of Henry Warmath. Things aren't simplified if you try to remember that Mary Warmath married John Wesley Rosamon, but Mary Rosamon did not marry John Wesley Warmath, but instead married his brother Chesterfield. The criss crossing backfires for Harriet Della Warmath (daughter of Chesterfield Warmath and Mary J. Rosamon) because her husband's grandfather is her great-grandfather (Michael Hefley in both cases). Laura Avery and her husband Sid Warmath on the other hand, despite sharing the same aunt Mary & uncle Ches Warmath, and aunt Mary & uncle John Rosamon, they shared no blood themselves; it just happened that his father's brother and sister married her mother's brother and sister.