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I was sent a detailed Warmath genealogy in 1998 by Connie Lane, descendent of the Chesterfield Warmath line. She sent it with the note, "The Rosamon info came from Barbara Morgan and the Warmath info from John Warmath (except my branch)." The information that follows comes from her tree, though I will try to back it up by looking up and adding any official records I can find. Anything in italics in the first section was not in Connie Lane's original tree but should be supported by something in the second section. Thanks also to Warmath descendent Carolyn Andrighetti for the information on Thomas Dixon Warmath's murder (below the box).

Thomas Dixon Warmath

1830 to 9-13-1902 Gibson Co. TN



1827-Micajah Washington Warmath

1828-Sarah Alcenia Warmath Lewis

1832-Henry H Warmath

1834-John Wesley Warmath 1834

c.1836-William James Warmath

1838-Chesterfield Warmath

1840-Mary Elizabeth Warmath Rosamon

1842-Julius Joseph Warmath

1846-Robert H Warmath

married 9-20-1854

Gibson Co. TN


Harriet W. "Hallie" Green

5-1-1839 to 3-16-1886


2nd wife Bertie? Bertis?



all but 1st two by 2nd wife


1855-maybe Lovetta (Jackson)

1861-Willie Wilson Warmath (died 1881)

c.1866-John Warmath


1889-Homer B

1891-Carl E

1895-Thomas Dixon Warmath




Henry Warmath


Elizabeth Fly

spouse's parents:

paternal grandparents:

Thomas Warmath & Mary "Polly" Wooten


maternal grandparents:

John Dixon Fly & Sarah S. Woodard

maternal aunts & uncles:



paternal aunts & uncles:

1805-Thomas I Warmath; 1818-Martha S. Patsy Warmath Baker; Willie F. Warmath; Sarah Warmath (Hamilton); 1820-Mary Warmath Shumate



Information beyond this point does not come from Connie Lane's tree.

An email in 2007 from Warmath descendent Carolyn Andrighetti (forwarded by Pat Bishop) said, in part, "Thomas Dixon Warmath was murdered. There was an intruder in his home one night, and he shot Thomas. I was never able to learn if he was ever caught."

Miscellaneous Madison County marriage records include:

-Flavius J. Fly to Luvina M. Day iss'd 11-9-1852, solemnized 11-12-1852 by R. Day M.G.

Witnesses: F.J. Fly and Thos. D. Warmath

-William R. Lewis to Sarah A. "Warmoth" iss'd 3-17-1852, solemnized 3-10-1852 by Rev F.M. Higgs

Witnesses: William R. Lewis & Thomas D. "Warmoth"

Note: Sarah A. Warmath = Sarah Alcenia Warmath Lewis, Thomas' sister and his mother was a Fly. Boy, that sounds wrong.

NOTE: in each case the other "witness" seems to be the bridegroom


1880 census, Gibson, South Gibson, District 33:

Thomas Warmath, age illegible, farmer, born in TN of parents born in TN (this changes in 1900).

Wife Harriet, age 41 born in TN of parents born in NC, keeps house.

Son Willie, age 19, at school.

Son John, age 14, at school.

Also in the household: Lewis Morrison, mulatto, age 22, works farm.

Mose Wright, black, age 21, works farm.

1886 in March Hallie died. In the 1900 census Tom lists himself 14 yrs married, so he must've remarried within the year.

1900 census, Gibson District 2:

Tom Warmath, age 70, born May 1830, 14 years married, born in TN of parents born in NC.

Wife Bertie? Bertis (written over), age 45, born Feb. 1855, mother of 6, all living, TN-NC-NC (this is a new wife, pos previous married name Shane).

Son Clarence Shane, age 24, born Mar 1876, single, born in TN of parents born in TN (as is everyone from here down).

Daughter Mary Shane, age 17, born Aug 1882, single.

Son Edgar Warmath, age 13, born Mar 1887.

Son Homer B Warmath, age 10, born Mar 1889.

Son Carl E Warmath, age 9, born Jan 1891.

Son Thomas Warmath, age 4, born (illegible) 1895.

Also in the household: Betty Reddick, servant, black, widow, age 45, born Jan 1855, mother of 4 of whom 2 are living.

Newt Fly, age 28, boarder, black, single, born Mar 1872, works farm.

Clay Rust, boarder, black, age 26, born Jan 1874, single, works farm


Mt. Zion United Methodist Cemetery in Gibson County has the following adjacent tombstones:

Hallie W. Warmath, wife of T.D. 5-1-1839 to 3-16-1886, illeg. years 10 mos 15 days;

T.D. Warmath died 9-13-1902, 72 yrs 4 mos 4 days;

Willie Wilson Warmath, son of Thomas and Hallie Warmath 4-14-1861 to 11-11-1881

NOTE: Mt. Zion also has the following woman and her family, whose birthdate makes her possibly TD's:

Lovetta M. Warmath Jackson 7-23-1855 to 1-29-1947 sharing a stone with George T. Jackson 1-25-1849 to 9-21-1931

and what is likely their son, Guy Warmath Jackson 6-14-1898 to 9-30-1972 & Annabelle Green Jackson 4-23-1902 to 8-28-1969


Possibly Thomas Dixon's John


Humboldt Courier Chronicle 4-28-1916 Local news--Mr & Mrs. John Thomas Warmath have announced the marriage on Wednesday evening , May 10 of their daughter, Hallie, to Mr. Rice Pierce Adams. (Gibson County marriages show Hallie Bernell Warmath marrying Rice Pierce Adams in 1916).


Humboldt Courier Chronicle 2-18-1921 Interesting News From Gibson: Mr & Mrs. Charles D. Brown of Jackson announce the approaching marriage of their daughter Lucille to Earl G. Warmath of Gibson, TN. The marriage will take place some time in April.


Humboldt Courier Chronicle 4-8-1921 Interesting News From Gibson: Earl G. Warmath, son of Mr & Mrs. J.T. Warmath, and Miss Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Mr & Mrs. Charles Brown, of Jackson TN, were married at the first Baptist Church at Jackson, Wednesday at high noon. (Hmm, Elizabeth was Lucille when her parents announced it).


White Rose Cemetery in Gibson County has a tombstone "son of Mr & Mrs E.G. Warmath" 6-27-1922 to 6-28-1922


Carl Warmath:

1917 draft registration. Carl Edward Warmath, of Humboldt, born 1-27-1890 in Humboldt, occupation: fruit broker, employed by CT Shane & Co (Shane, hmm) of Humboldt. Any dependents: support wife & 1 child 4 yrs. Married. Previous military service: Private US Guards, TN, for 6 years. Reason to be exempted: "sole support and weak eyes." Tall, slender, with gray eyes and dark hair. Under "disabled" the registrar put, "Eyes appear weak."

1920 census, Gibson, Humboldt:

Carl Warmath, age 29, occupation: none.

Wife Imagene, age 26. Son Murray, age 7.

Carl Warmath was listed as the informant on the 1925 death certificate of Maggie A. Barksdale, born 7-19-1871 in Carroll County and died 1-8-1925 in Humboldt, funeral 1-9 in Milan. Her father was W.H. Algee of TN and in the column for mother's maiden name it says Martha Algee of TN (so either maiden name unknown, or she was a different Algee). Cause of death: breast cancer. The notation is added: breast ampuation 1 & 5 years ago. (Carl's wife=Imagen Algee, so this must be her kin.)

Rose Hill Cemetery has Carl E. Warmath 1-27-1891 to 6-6-1957 beside Imogen Algee Warmath 10-15-1893 to 3-13-1922.


Probably Tom's son Edgar

Draft registration 1917: Edgar Dickerson Warmath, of Humboldt and born in Humboldt, age 30, born 3-17-1887. Manager of Billiard Hall, Humboldt. Anyone to support: wife. Grounds for exmemption: "wife and overweight." Of Medium height, stout, with blue eyes and black hair. Under "disabled" (which asks if an arm or leg is missing) the registrar put: Overweight.

Rosehill Cemetery has Edgar D. Warmath 1887-1927 & Minnie Wray Warmath 1875-1926