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I was sent a detailed Warmath genealogy in 1998 by Connie Lane, descendent of the Chesterfield Warmath line. She sent it with the note, "The Rosamon info came from Barbara Morgan and the Warmath info from John Warmath (except my branch)." Connie Lane's original tree had only the names of Thomas Warmath's children (with the exception of Judson and John) but further information was on the Tipton County page of tngnweb.org, posted by Jeffrey Gatlin, great-great-great-grandson of Mary "Mollie" Warmath Eckford. I attempted to contact him, but his email address was out of date. Information in italics in the boxed section is Jefrrey Gatlin's.

Thomas I. Warmath

1805(NC) to 1861 (Tipton TN)



1799-Henry Warmath

c.1813-Willie Rains

1818-Martha S. Patsy Warmath Baker

Sarah Warmath (Hamilton)

1820-Mary Warmath Shumate

married 1-23-1834

Davidson Co. TN


Ann McFaddin




1836-Robert H. Warmath 1836

1842-Mollie Warmath Eckford

1844-Annie Warmath Eckford

1846-Thomas Boardman Warmath

1847-James C. Warmath

1850-Judson Nathan Warmath

1853-John R Warmath

The wife of James C. was named Lavinia. They had no children. James C. died in 1933 in TN.


Thomas Warmath


Mary "Polly" Wooten ?

spouse's parents:

maternal grandparents:


paternal grandparents:

John Warmath and Willie (House?)

maternal aunts & uncles:



paternal aunts & uncles:

1768-Patience Warmath; c. 1769-John Warmath; 1771-Willey House Warmath; c. 1772 Keziah Warmath; 1774-Elizabeth Warmath; c. 1777-Sally Nipper Warmath; 1778-Mourning Warmath; c. 1780 Washington Warmath; c. 1781 Nancy Warmath; c. 1783-James Warmath; c. 1784 Nathaniel Green Warmath; ?-Castly Warmath


1850 census, Davidson County TN, District 5 (on the same page as his father and his sister, Mary Shumate)

Thos. Warmath, age 45, farmer, listed as born in TN

Ann C Warmath, age 40, born in TN

Robt. Warmath, age 14

Mary J, age 8

Ann E, age 6

Thos. B, age 4

Ja. C, age 3

Infant (male) one month old

also in the household: James C. Warmath, age 26, born in KY, occupation school teacher

Frances P. Warmath, age 18 (female), born in KY

Mary C. McFaddin, age 8, born in TN

(Ann Warmath's maiden name was McFaddin, so Mary C, age 8, is probably her niece. I need to track down the James C. Warmath of Kentucky in the household, for whom Thomas seems to have named his infant son)


1860 census, Tipton County TN, Post Office Covington

Thomas "Wormoth," age 56, farmer, born in NC, real estate value $3300, personal estate value $3825

Ann C Wormoth, age 50, born in TN

Mary J Wormoth, age 18, student (all kids born in TN)

Ann E., age 15, student

Thomas B, age 13

James C, age 11

Nathan J, age 10

John R, age 7

(Daughters Mary and Ann have their occupation listed as student, but sons Thomas, James & Nathan are the only ones with a check mark in the column "attended school within the last year.")


1870 census, Tipton County TN, District 1

Warmath, A.C. (female), age 59, born in TN, keeps house, real estate value $2000, personal estate $500

James, age 22, farmer, born in TN

Judson, age 20, born in TN

John, age 13, born in TN

(further up the same page is the household of Thomas' daughter Annie & husband W.W. Eckford)